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At 30 Bird, we believe in lifelong learning. Just because you’re already in a profession doesn’t necessarily mean you’re done growing. That’s why we offer Professional Skills materials that improve performance in any workplace.

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“30 Bird’s team is always there when I have questions or need something. Their courseware content is the best I’ve come across.”

-Dave Franks, RMF & eMass Trainer

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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees


Customer Service for Help Desk Professionals


Professional Skills

Someone can be highly skilled at the technical elements of a job but still not fully prepared for their career. There are a number of different skills that are crucial to the efficient functioning of any workplace that have nothing to do with tech skills. Time management, scheduling, communication with customers, and interpersonal skills are all as essential to being a good employee as technical knowledge is.

Unfortunately, many employees are only trained in the technical aspects of their jobs, which means they are missing out on a chance to be their best. By bringing 30 Bird’s professional training materials into your workplace or classroom, you can rest assured that your students will be well-rounded and ready to take on the professional world.

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With Professional Skills training, students appreciate a straightforward, interesting approach to what can be a dry topic. With the quick pace and engaging tone of our materials, you can capture their attention and keep it.

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