About Us

About 30 Bird Media

30 Bird Media began when its founder, Ben Tchoubineh, wanted to publish courseware for government and military IT security training. But he had a broader vision: a learning content company that works in various media to enable the people who deliver learning—instructors, training managers, CLOs, and more—to get the results they need.

The people at 30 Bird Media have been in the learning industry for decades, in front of classrooms, writing courses, creating e-learning, blending modes, assessing, prescribing, and remediating. Everything we do, we do to make learning organizations get results: higher certification pass rates, increased customer satisfaction and sales, better-trained and more productive employees, students who better their careers.

We provide exceptionally well-designed, written, and tested learning content that can be easily customized, branded, and delivered in a variety of formats and through different media. We specialize in technical content both for the IT professional and for end users.

About the Bird

In Persian mythology, the Simurgh was a benevolent bird that lived for over a thousand years. During its long life, the Simurgh absorbed the knowledge of the ages and was virtually all-knowing. The legend describes the Simurgh as having the knowledge and strength of 30 powerful birds. Thus the Simurgh is sometimes called “The 30 Bird.”

Like the Simurgh, 30 Bird Media is focused on gathering as much knowledge as possible about any given subject. Our goal is to create courses that provide deep insight for learners. We pride ourselves on being “The 30 Bird” of learning content.