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Certified Wireless Specialist (Exam CWS-101)

Our Certified Wireless Specialist Exam CWS-101 courseware covers the fundamentals Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) technologies for wireless communications. The student will learn the basics of how Radio Frequencies (RF) are utilized by Wi-Fi with hardware and software to create wireless local area networks (WLANs). Upon completion of this course, the student will have the knowledge required for the CWS-101 exam and CWS certification.This vendor neutral course assumes that the student has a basic knowledge of using wireless computing devices and wireless networks. The exam objectives are marked throughout the course, with applicable acronym and objective indexes.For more information and access to the PowerPoint files, please e-mail


Certified Wireless Technician (Exam CWT-101)

Welcome to Certified Wireless Technician: Exam CWT-101. This entry-level certification is offered by Certified Wireless Network Professionals, or CWNP, as part of a vendor-neutral wireless certification program.According to CWNP, the Certified Wireless Technician (CWT) should be able to install APs based on a design document, configure the AP for initial operations and ensure connectivity, troubleshoot basic problems, and assist users in-person or through remote communications in problem resolution. Perhaps the most important skill is the ability to set up a WLAN client for connectivity, including SSID configuration, security settings, and other client adapter settings.For more information and access to the PowerPoint files, please e-mail