QuickBooks Online Level 2 ShortTrack Training Card

30 Bird’s full-color, 8-page ShortTrack card provides the basic and intermediate concepts and skills to be productive with QuickBooks Online. ShortTrack cards provide easy-to-follow instructions and are perfect for office and home use. The cards can be used as a job aid, desk reference, or to lead quick training sessions.

The QuickBooks Online Level 2 ShortTrack card provides an overview of QuickBooks Online and will show you how to:

  • Add, edit, inactivate customers.
  • Create a sales receipt and invoice.
  • Preview and print invoices and receipts.
  • Create and invoice delayed charges.
  • Record payments.
  • Apply a payment to multiple invoices.
  • Enter overpayments.
  • Create a bank deposit.
  • Enable projects.
  • Create a new project.
  • Make purchases for a project.
  • Invoice for project costs.
  • Create estimates.
  • Enable progress invoicing.
  • Enable sales tax and add tax agencies.
  • File sales tax.
  • Create credit memos.
  • Enter and apply a delayed credit.
  • Refund customer purchases.
  • Create customer statements.
  • Add employees.
  • Use time tracking.
  • Create and connect to bank accounts.
  • Review and manage downloaded transactions.
  • Create reports.
  • Modify and customize reports.
  • Export, print, or share a report.

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About the ShortTrack series

30 Bird’s full-color, 8-page ShortTrack Training Cards are a new approach in training and support. No time for a 2-, 4-, or 8-hour class? No problem. These cards are designed to make it easy to lead students through the basics they need to get their jobs done in the shortest time possible. Or just hand them out and let your people use them for reference. The choice is yours with ShortTrack Training Cards.

QuickBooks Online Level 2 ShortTrack Training Card

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