QuickBooks Online Level 2

Chapter 1: Sales and income

Module A: Setting up customers

Module B: Sales transactions

Module C: Projects and estimating

Module D: Payment processing

Module E: Sales tax

Chapter 2: Customer transactions

Module A: Returns and credits

Module B: Customer statements

Chapter 3: Reports

Module A: Types of reports

Module B: Useful reports

Module C: Customizing reports

Module D: Printing and sharing reports

Chapter 4: Managing employees

Module A: Managing employees

Module B: Time tracking and timesheets

Module C: Payroll

Chapter 5: Banking and credit card accounts

Module A: Bank accounts and bank feeds

Module B: Bank transactions and reconciliation

Module C: Checks

Module D: Credit card accounts and loans

Chapter 6: Adjustments, budgets, and year-end procedures

Module A: Making adjustments

Module B: Budgets

Module C: Year-end procedures

Module D: Closing books

This course covers features and functions of QuickBooks Online, which is specifically designed to address the accounting needs of professional and field businesses, product sellers, and non-profit organizations.

You will benefit most from this course if you want to accomplish basic accounting tasks to manage income and expenses using QuickBooks Online.

The course assumes you know how to use a computer, and that you're familiar with accessing and navigating web sites. It does not assume that you've used a different version of QuickBooks or another accounting program before.

QuickBooks Online Level 2

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