Word 2013 Level 2

Chapter 1: Shapes, WordArt, and SmartArt

   Module A: Shapes and text
   Module B: SmartArt

Chapter 2: Managing documents

   Module A: Custom themes
   Module B: Building blocks
   Module C: Section breaks
   Module D: Page backgrounds

Chapter 3: References and hyperlinks

   Module A: Reference notes
   Module B: Table of contents
   Module C: Hyperlinks

Chapter 4: Editing and organizing

   Module A: Editing documents
   Module B: Navigating documents
   Module C: Master documents

Chapter 5: Saving and sharing documents

   Module A: Saving and sending
   Module B: Comments
   Module C: Protecting documents

Welcome to Word 2013 Level 2. This course will provide the concepts and skills to use some more advanced features of Microsoft Word 2013, including enhanced formatting, references, editing, and sharing, and saving to various formats. This course, and the two others in this series, map to the objectives of the Microsoft Office Specialist and Expert exams for Word 2013. Objective coverage is marked throughout the course, and you can download an objectives map for the series from http://www.30bird.com.

Students will benefit most from this course if they want to accomplish advanced workplace tasks in Word 2013, or if they want to have a solid foundation for continuing on to become a Word Expert. If they intend to take a Microsoft Office Specialist or Expert exam for Word, this course provides and important part of their preparation, but they should also complete the other courses in the series to be fully prepared for either exam.

The course assumes that students know how to use a computer, and that they are familiar with Microsoft Windows and the basics of Microsoft Word.

Word 2013 Level 2

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