PowerPoint 2019 ShortTrack Training Card

30 Bird’s full-color, 8-page ShortTrack card provides the basic concepts and skills to start being productive with PowerPoint 2019. ShortTrack cards provide easy-to-follow instructions and are perfect for office and home use. The cards can be used as a job aid, desk reference, or to lead quick training sessions.

The PowerPoint 2019 ShortTrack card will show you how to:

  • Open. Create, and save presentations.
  • Working with slides.
  • Working with slide masters.
  • Changing bullet formatting in a list.
  • Inserting icons.
  • Inserting lines, shapes, pictures, screenshots, and SmartArt graphics
  • Inserting videos and 3D models
  • Inserting tables and charts.
  • Adding slide transitions.
  • Adding Zooms.
  • Rehearsing a presentation.
  • Running a presentation.
  • Printing slides, handouts, notes, or an outline.
  • Creating a video of a presentation.
  • Packaging a presentation for a CD.

About the ShortTrack series

30 Bird’s full-color, 8-page ShortTrack Training Cards are a new approach in training and support. No time for a 2-, 4-, or 8-hour class? No problem. These cards are designed to make it easy to lead students through the basics they need to get their jobs done in the shortest time possible. Or just hand them out and let your people use them for reference. The choice is yours with ShortTrack Training Cards.

PowerPoint 2019 ShortTrack Training Card

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