Outlook 2013 Complete

Chapter 1: Fundamentals

Module A: Getting around

Module B: Viewing Outlook items

Chapter 2: Email basics

Module A: Creating messages

Module B: Acting on messages

Module C: Adding content

Module D: Signatures

Chapter 3: Contacts

Module A: Managing contacts

Module B: Using contact groups

Module C: Using the People pane

Chapter 4: Tasks

Module A: Creating tasks

Module B: Managing tasks

Module C: Assigning tasks

Chapter 5: Scheduling

Module A: Appointments

Module B: Meetings

Module C: Using the calendar

Chapter 6: Customization

Module A: Customizing the ribbon

Module B: Customizing Outlook

Chapter 7: Organizing Outlook

Module A: Account management

Module B: Using folders

Module C: Categorizing items

Module D: Searching and filtering

Module E: Quick steps

Chapter 8: Managing your mail

Module A: Managing junk mail

Module B: Using rules

Module C: Cleaning up your mailbox

Chapter 9: Advanced email settings

Module A: Message options

Module B: Customizing message appearance

Chapter 10: Notes and Journal entries

Module A: Notes

Module B: Using the Journal

Chapter 11: Collaboration

Module A: Performing mail merges

Module B: Sharing items

Module C: Outlook integration

Our Outlook 2013 Complete courseware covers the concepts and skills needed for maximum productivity in Outlook, starting with fundamentals and working up to advanced tools and techniques. This course maps to the objectives of the Microsoft Office Specialist exam for Outlook 2013. Objective coverage is marked throughout the course, and you can download an objective map.

Outlook 2013 Complete

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