Organizing Your Time for Maximum Productivity R1.1


Module A: Time management and productivity: An overview

How to diagnose and avoid poor time management skills
The myths of multitasking
Why we procrastinate—and how to stop
About lateness
Techniques for staying focused

Module B: Organization and planning

Filing vs. piling
Hierarchic data structure
Setting goals
Setting expectations
Diagnosing problems
Planning and its benefits

Module C: Productivity

Identifying productivity styles
Urgency vs. importance
ABC's of prioritization
The prioritization matrix
Tips for prioritizing tasks
Scoring your ability to delegate
The Seven Steps of Delegation
Micromanagement, its symptoms, and its solutions

Module D: Time management

Time "bandits"
Dealing with interruptions—in person, by phone, or by email
Dealing with phone interruptions
Managing meetings
Learning to say No
Practicing assertiveness
Dealing with stress and anxiety

Module E: Aids to productivity

Productivity strategies
The Pomodoro technique
Productivity apps

Module F: Wrap-up

Developing good habits
Franklin's approach to changing one's habits
Tips for organizing yourself
Plan and prepare
Your personal goals

Course Summary

One of the primary challenges we all face in our work is being able to remain in control of it. With so many distractions in our workplace and at home, as well as any old habits we might have, our ability to stay in control is often jeopardized. The effect is that we tend to be controlled by external events, people, and countless other circumstances.

30 Bird's Organizing Your Time for Maximum Productivity course will introduce concepts and techniques necessary to help you learn how to bounce back and refocus in order to remain productive and regain control of your time. This in turn will allow you to complete your work more effectively and deliver on time and without stress. You will be able to apply practical skills and learn basic techniques for improving your organization, prioritization, and delegation skills in a comfortable setting, employing content that's easy to learn.

Upon the successful completion of this course, candidates can expect to gain knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • How to better understand time management skills and identify any shortcomings, as well as debunk popular myths about time management
  • About effective organization techniques, and how to set goals
  • About productivity, including the application of efficiency, prioritization, and delegation
  • How to apply specific skills to manage your time effectively in a practical work setting, including managing meetings, learning to say "No," and dealing with stress and anxiety
  • How to employ aids to productivity, such as smartphone apps

About the series

Professional skills—such as the ability to manage work schedules and communicate effectively with customers—are personal and interpersonal proficiencies that don’t depend on technical knowledge but are crucial for successful and efficient functioning of any organization. 30 Bird Media is thrilled to announce our brand new line of engaging, relevant, and straight-to-the-point professional development courseware. From the very start we knew it was important not to simply force this new and different content into our existing IT-specific format. Each professional development course comprises an Instructor Guide, a PowerPoint slide deck highlighting important points, and a Student Guide. Taken together, these training tools empower you to teach these concepts effectively in any classroom or workshop setting.

For more information and access to the PowerPoint files, please contact your 30 Bird sales representative or call (888) 330-9071.

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Organizing Your Time for Maximum Productivity R1.1

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