Outlook 2021/365 Level 2

Chapter 1: Organizing Outlook

Module A: Account management
Module B: Using folders
Module C: Categorizing items
Module D: Searching and filtering
Module E: Quick steps

Chapter 2: Managing your mail

Module A: Managing junk mail
Module B: Using rules
Module C: Cleaning up your mailbox

Chapter 3: Advanced email settings

Module A: Message options
Module B: Customizing message appearance

Chapter 4: Notes and Journal entries

Module A: Notes
Module B: Using the Journal

Chapter 5: Collaboration

Module A: Performing mail merges
Module B: Sharing items
Module C: Outlook integration

Microsoft Outlook 2021/365 Level 2 provides more advanced concepts and skills for Microsoft Outlook productivity: how to organize Outlook items, use advanced message properties, and collaborate with others.

You will benefit most from this course if you have a basic knowledge of Outlook and plan to continue on to become an Outlook expert.

The course assumes you know how to use a computer and that you're familiar with Microsoft Windows. It also assumes that you have completed the preceding Outlook Level 1 course, or have equivalent knowledge.

For more information and access to the PowerPoint files, please e-mail sales@30bird.com.

To request the PowerPoints for this course, please e-mail sales@30bird.com.

Outlook 2021/365 Level 2

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