CyberSec First Responder CFR-310: Labs Only

Six month access to a virtual lab environment that allows students to learn in actual “sandbox” through a remote lab environment. This not only allows the student to practice what they are learning using real hands-on experience, it also serves as a post class resource.

Labs only for CyberSec First Responder CFR-310. The courseware covers network defense and incident response methods, tactics, and procedures in alignment with industry frameworks such as NIST 800-61 r.2 (Computer Security Incident Handling), US-CERT’s NCISP (National Cyber Incident Response Plan), and Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 41 on Cyber Incident Coordination Policy. It covers monitoring and detecting security incidents in information systems and networks, and executing standardized responses to such incidents. The courseware introduces tools, tactics, and procedures to manage cybersecurity risks, identify various types of common threats, evaluate the organization's security, collect and analyze cybersecurity intelligence, and remediate and report incidents as they occur.

The labs will prepare students for CertNexus’s CyberSec First Responder CFR-310 certification examination.

CyberSec First Responder CFR-310: Labs Only

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