ITIL - Practioner

Module 1: Introduction

Using ITIL -- adopt and adapt

Understanding service

Delivery models

Service management versus IT service management

Module 2: Guiding Principles

ITSM Guiding Principles

Applying the Guiding Principles

Module 3: The CSI Approach

Characteristics of the CSI Approach

Step-by-step guide to the CSI Approach

Module 4: Metrics and Measurement

What is measurement for?

Critical success factors and key performance indicators

Metric cascades and hierarchies

Metric categories



Continual improvement of metrics and measurement

Module 5: Communication

Why good communication is important

Communication principles

Communication techniques

Module 6: Organizational Change Management

Essentials for successful improvement

Clear roles and responsibilities

OCM and ITIL change management

Impact of organizational change management

Understanding people's transition through change

Key activities for effective organizational change management

Continual improvement of organizational change management

ITIL Practitioner offers practical guidance on how to adopt and adapt the ITIL framework to support your business objectives. Practitioner is the next step after ITIL Foundation for professionals who have already learned the basics of IT Service Management (ITSM). ITIL Practitioner covers the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) approach as the way to structure any improvement initiatives.

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ITIL - Practioner

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