FITSP - Operator, Next Generation

Module 1: FITSP-Operator

   Objectives, Expectations, and Introductions

   Security Certifications Exams

   FITSP-Operator Courseware Logistics

Module 2: Government Laws and Regulations

   Acts of Congress

   Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

   Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Presidential Directives

   Executive Orders

   Federal Audit Standards

Module 3: Risk Management Framework

   SP 800-37R1: Guide for Applying the Risk Management Framework to Federal Information Systems

   Risk Management Framework (RMF)

   Roles and Responsibilities

   Steps in the RMF Process

Module 4: NIST Special Publications

   IT Security Topic Areas Special Publications

   Role-Based Special Publications (per operate role identified in NIST SP 800-16R1)

   Additional Special Publications

Module 5: Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)

   NIST Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Overview

   FIPS Standards Defined


Module 6.1: NIST Control Families—Management

   Security Architectures

   Planning Family and Family Plans (PL)

   Media Protection (MP)

   Program Management (PM)

   Risk Assessment (RA)

   System and Services Acquisition (SA)

   Physical and Environmental Protection


   Personnel Security

Module 6.2: Security Control Families—Operational

   Awareness and Training (AT)

   Configuration Management (CM)

   Contingency Planning (CP)

   Incident Response (IR)

   System Maintenance (MA)

   Media Protection (MP)

   Personnel Security (PS)

   Physical and Environmental Protection (PE)

   Systems Integrity (SI)

Module 6.3: Security Control Families—Technical

   Access Control (AC)

   Audit and Accountability (AU)

   Identification and Authentication (IA)

   System and Communications Protection (SC)

Module 7: NIST Interagency and Internal Reports

   NIST Interagency Reports

The purpose of the FITSI certification program is to validate the skills of IT security professionals against NIST standards and documentation. The FITSP-Operator certification is intended  for Federal workforce personnel, both Federal employees and contractors, whose role is primarily focused on the implementation and operations of  systems owned by, or operated on behalf of, the Federal government of the United States.


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FITSP - Operator, Next Generation

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