Feedback and Coaching

Module 1: About feedback

Difference between feedback and criticism
What makes feedback effective   
Reasons why we delay giving feedback
Feedback types

Module 2: Identifying performance or behavior issues

Intentional versus unintentional feedback
Situations which require feedback
Why are you providing feedback?

Module 3: Delivering feedback

Reactions to feedback
Steps to delivering feedback
Delivering difficult feedback respectfully
Difficult conversation components

Module 4: Coaching for performance and development   

What is coaching?
Coaching challenges
Coaching principles
When to coach, what to coach, and who to coach
Question types and when to use each
Doing the coaching conversation the right way

Welcome to the 30 Bird Feedback and Coaching course. If people do not know how they are doing, then there is no reason for them to change their behavior or no certainty that any changes they make will be in the right direction. Success as a Manager or Leader requires being able to deliver feedback and coach effectively. Valid feedback, when adequately given, provides your employees with information as to what is working and what is not working. Feedback is an opportunity. Use it to enhance understanding and as a tool for achieving positive results. Knowing the correct way to deliver feedback means that your feedback will be more influential.

This course will introduce several concepts and techniques to help you learn to consider the importance of respectful feedback. You will be able to apply practical skills and learn basic techniques for confidently and effectively delivering praise or feedback for behavior or performance issues.

About the series

Professional skills—such as the ability to manage work schedules and communicate effectively with customers—are personal and interpersonal proficiencies that don’t depend on technical knowledge but are crucial for successful and efficient functioning of any organization. 30 Bird Media is thrilled to announce our brand new line of engaging, relevant, and straight-to-the-point professional development courseware. From the very start we knew it was important not to simply force this new and different content into our existing IT-specific format. Each professional development course comprises an Instructor Guide, a PowerPoint slide deck highlighting important points, and a Student Guide. Taken together, these training tools empower you to teach these concepts effectively in any classroom or workshop setting.

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Feedback and Coaching

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