Excel 2021/365 Level 3 R1.1


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Chapter 1: Logical and Lookup Functions

Module A: Decision-making functions
Module B: Lookup and reference functions

Chapter 2: Advanced Formulas

Module A: Auditing and error-trapping
Module B: Formula options
Module C: Arrays

Chapter 3: Special functions

Module A: Date and time functions
Module B: Text functions
Module C: Other functions

Chapter 4: Importing and Exporting

Module A: The Power Pivot Data Model
Module B: Exporting data

Chapter 5: Analysis

Module A: What-if analysis
Module B: The Analysis Toolpak

Chapter 6: Macros and Forms

Module A: Recording macros
Module B: Running macros
Module C: Forms

Appendix A: Internationalization and Accessibility

Preparing workbooks for internationalization and accessibility

Microsoft Excel 2021/365 Level 3 builds on the concepts and skills of our Level 1 and Level 2 courses to provide advanced tools for solving real-world problems in Microsoft Excel: lookup and decision-making functions, auditing and error-handling, array functions, date and text functions, importing and exporting, what-if-analysis, and macros.

Students will benefit most from this course if they want to use Excel to perform real-world tasks such as handling and getting information from large amounts of data from sources inside out and outside of Excel, creating output that varies according to conditions, manipulating dates and text, and automating repetitive tasks.

The course assumes students know how to use a computer, that they're familiar with Microsoft Windows, and that they've taken the Level 1 and Level 2 courses or have equivalent introductory experience with Excel. The exercises are more detailed and complex than those in the previous levels.

For more information and access to the PowerPoint files, please e-mail sales@30bird.com.

To request the PowerPoints for this course, please e-mail sales@30bird.com.

Excel 2021/365 Level 3 R1.1

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