Excel 2021/365 Level 1 R1.1


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Chapter 1: Fundamentals

Module A: Getting around
Module B: Workbook basics

Chapter 2: Creating worksheets

Module A: Entering data
Module B: Formulas
Module C: Functions
Module D: Moving and copying data
Module E: Reference types

Chapter 3: Formatting

Module A: Text formatting
Module B: Number formatting
Module C: Alignment
Module D: Borders and highlighting
Module E: Styles and themes

Chapter 4: Manipulating data

Module A: Data entry shortcuts
Module B: Paste options
Module C: Inserting, deleting, and hiding

Chapter 5: Charts

Module A: Creating charts
Module B: Chart types and elements

Chapter 6: Output

Module A: Managing worksheet windows
Module B: Printing worksheets
Module C: Sharing workbooks

Chapter 7: Settings and templates

Module A: Workbook options and properties
Module B: Templates

Our Microsoft Excel 2021/365 Level 1 courseware provides the basic concepts and skills students need to start being productive with Microsoft Excel: how to create, save, share, and print worksheets that contain various kinds of calculations and formatting.

Students will benefit most from this course if they want to accomplish basic workplace tasks in Excel, or if they want to have a solid foundation for continuing on to become an Excel expert.

The courseware assumes students know how to use a computer, and that they're familiar with Microsoft Windows. It does not assume that they've used a different version of Excel or another spreadsheet program before.

For more information and access to the PowerPoint files, please e-mail sales@30bird.com.

To request the PowerPoints for this course, please e-mail sales@30bird.com.

Excel 2021/365 Level 1 R1.1

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