eMASS Version 5.5: Direct User Training

Chapter 1: Introduction to eMASS

Module A: Overview of eMASS

Chapter 2: The authorization process—Part 1: New system registration

Module A: Overview of new system registration

Chapter 3: The authorization process—Part 2: Importing packages and system migration

Module A: Migrating, exporting, and importing systems

Chapter 4: The authorization process—Part 3: Managing a system

Module A: Managing the system—Section I
Module B: Managing the system—Section II

Chapter 5: The authorization process—Part 4: Managing a package

Module A: Managing an authorization package

Chapter 6: Reports

Module A: Reports

Chapter 7: System administration

Module A: The Control Administration Module
Module B: Organizational Values

Appendix A: eMASS 5.5 direct user final exam

Appendix B: Supplemental materials

Part A: Acronyms
Part B: RMF/eMASS Correlation Chart
Part C: New user registration, certificates, and profile updates

eMASS (Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service) is a government-owned web-based application which supports cybersecurity program management. Our courseware will provide students with eMASS skills specific to their roles. It describes the role of eMASS in the Department of Defense’s Risk Management Framework for Information Technology; defines eMASS’s implementation of the Authorization Process; and covers how to operate through eMass in order to support the creation, assessment, and authorization of a completed RMF A&A package.

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eMASS Version 5.5: Direct User Training

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