Customer Service for Help Desk Professionals R1.1


Module A: Customer service overview

Understanding customer service
Your customer, your attitude
Understanding attitude
Understanding your customer

Module B: Identifying and improving your communication style

About communication
Active listening
Empathy and interactions with customers

Module C: Managing appropriate customer expectations

Understanding customer expectations

Module D: Opening the call

Setting the proper tone
Using questions to diagnose technical issues

Module E: Keeping customers informed

Understanding the importance of keeping customers informed
Delivering solutions diplomatically
Closing the call

Module F: Special circumstances—dealing with angry and impatient customers

Dealing with a difficult situation

Module G: Wrap-up

Benefits of customer-centrism
Addressing a customer complaint

Course Summary

As a customer service help desk professional, you need to interact with customers to address their technical issues, concerns, challenges and problems. To best service these customers, the 30 Bird Customer Service for Help Desk Professionals course will help develop interpersonal skills that will enable you to do so in a professional manner. Your technical expertise will no doubt be useful; however, having additional "people" skills will enable you to appropriately interact and serve the customer.

Through this course you will be able to apply practical skills and principles to over-the-phone customer service for customers experiencing technical issues.

Upon the successful completion of this course, candidates can expect to gain knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • About customer service, its contexts, and its ramifications
  • Identifying and improving communication style
  • Managing appropriate customer expectations
  • Opening the call
  • Keeping customers informed throughout the process
  • Special circumstances—dealing with angry and impatient customers

This course helps candidates understand and learn the skills and techniques to achieve successful customer interaction.

About the series

Professional skills—such as the ability to manage work schedules and communicate effectively with customers—are personal and interpersonal proficiencies that don’t depend on technical knowledge but are crucial for successful and efficient functioning of any organization. 30 Bird Media is thrilled to announce our brand new line of engaging, relevant, and straight-to-the-point professional development courseware. From the very start we knew it was important not to simply force this new and different content into our existing IT-specific format. Each professional development course comprises an Instructor Guide, a PowerPoint slide deck highlighting important points, and a Student Guide. Taken together, these training tools empower you to teach these concepts effectively in any classroom or workshop setting.

For more information and access to the PowerPoint files, please contact your 30 Bird sales representative or call (888) 330-9071.

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Customer Service for Help Desk Professionals R1.1

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