CompTIA Cloud+ Certification CV0-003

Chapter 1: Cloud computing fundamentals

Module A: Cloud computing concepts
Module B: Computing expenditures
Module C: Cloud models

Chapter 2: Planning cloud solutions

Module A: Cloud environments
Module B: Capacity planning
Module C: Project requirements

Chapter 3: Resource virtualization

Module A: Compute resources
Module B: Storage solutions
Module C: Networking solutions

Chapter 4: Service deployment

Module A: Resource provisioning
Module B: High availability services
Module C: Service migrations

Chapter 5: Cloud operations

Module A: Automation and orchestration
Module B: Resource optimization
Module C: Environmental maintenance and upgrades

Chapter 6: Business continuity

Module A: Business continuity
Module B: Cloud backup

Chapter 7: Securing cloud environments

Module A: Cloud security overview
Module B: Security assessment and remediation
Module C: Identity and access management

Chapter 8: Securing cloud resources

Module A: Data security and compliance
Module B: OS and application security
Module C: Network security

Chapter 9: Monitoring and incident response

Module A: Logging and monitoring systems
Module B: Incident response procedures

Chapter 10: Deployment troubleshooting

Module A: The troubleshooting process
Module B: Deployment and capacity troubleshooting
Module C: Automation troubleshooting

Chapter 11: Infrastructure troubleshooting

Module A: Network troubleshooting
Module B: Security troubleshooting

Our CompTIA Cloud+ Certification CV0-003 course is a complete instructor-led training solution with conceptual material and lab exercises covering all exam objectives. Within the manual you will find instructions for running all the lab exercises in the course.

You can also select the Online Labs option for an additional charge. With the Online Labs, there are no computer setup requirements other than an internet connection and a web browser. Each student is assigned a voucher code. After logging in, students will work in a virtual lab environment (with accompanying instructions) right in their browsers. It’s the same labs and lab environment that are included with our standard course, just much easier to set up and access. Actually, there's no setup at all! The access period is six months from redemption of the voucher code. (Instructor codes are good for one year.)

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CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-003 provides the basic knowledge and skills needed to analyze, select, monitor, and protect cloud resources in a vendor-neutral format; this includes vulnerability management, network reconnaissance and monitoring, connecting networks to clouds, cloud migration, secure policies and procedures, host and network security, identity management systems, and incident response. This course maps to the CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-003 certification exam. Objective coverage is marked throughout the course.

This course assumes that students have some applied knowledge of computers, networks, and cybersecurity principles. Knowledge equivalent to the CompTIA Security+ certification is helpful but not necessary.

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CompTIA Cloud+ Certification CV0-003

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