Access 2019: Relational Database Design

Chapter 1: Database fundamentals

Module A: Understanding general database terms

Module B: Relational databases

Module C: Access interface and objects

Chapter 2: Database design

Module A: Fundamentals of efficient design

Module B: The normal forms

Module C: Creating and Modifying Databases

Module D: Relationships and keys

Chapter 3: Tables

Module A: Creating tables

Module B: Creating fields

Module C: Data validation

Module D: Relationships and keys

Chapter 4: Basic queries

Module A: Creating basic queries

Module B: Modifying queries

Module C: Using calculated fields

Chapter 5: Forms

Module A: Creating simple forms

Module B: Form design

Module C: Form controls

Chapter 6: Reports

Module A: Creating reports

Module B: Report controls

Module C: Formatting reports

This course provides the basic concepts and skills to start being productive with Microsoft Access 2019: How to design and create a relational database, navigate the Access interface, and how to create and modify tables, queries, forms, and reports.

Students will benefit most from this course if they want to gain a basic understanding of relational databases and be able to design and build a simple database in Access 2019. The course assumes students know how to use a computer, and that they're familiar with Microsoft Windows. It does not assume that they've used a different version of Access or another database system before.

Which Access series is right for me?

Our Relational Database Design and Relational Database Management courses are meant for students who want to build Access databases from the ground up. The first course is two days and includes in-depth, hands-on exercises that teach effective relational database development. Any student who completes these courses will be able to create and maintain a database for a small business or other organization.

Level 1 and Level 2, on the other hand, are intended for students who will be working with existing databases rather than building them from scratch. In other words, these courses are best suited to database end users rather than database designers/managers.

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Access 2019: Relational Database Design

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