Access 2016: Relational Database Management

Chapter 1: Advanced queries

Module A: Grouping and summarizing
Module B: Updating, deleting, and relationships
Module C: Indexing for performance
Module D: Specialized query types

Chapter 2: Advanced forms

Module A: Subforms
Module B: Advanced control types
Module C: Specialized form types

Chapter 3: Advanced reports

Module A: Subreports
Module B: Advanced grouping
Module C: Advanced formatting

Chapter 4: Macros

Module A: Creating basic macros
Module B: Using variables
Module C: Troubleshooting macros

Chapter 5: Importing and exporting data

Module A: Data exchange basics
Module B: Exchanging data with other Access databases
Module C: Exchanging data with Excel
Module D: Using Text and XML data files

Chapter 6: Database management

Module A: Compact & Repair
Module B: Restoring a database
Module C: Other maintenance tasks

Access 2016: Relational Database Management is a one-day course for experienced users, covering advanced queries, forms and reports, and delves into application development, macros, and SQL. Student will also learn how to maintain a database and import and export data to other formats. Both levels of our Access 2016 courseware map to the objectives of the Microsoft Office Specialist exam for Access 2016. Objective coverage is marked throughout the course.

You will benefit most from this course if you have a basic knowledge of Access 2016 and plan to continue on to become an Access expert. If you intend to take a Microsoft Office Specialist exam for Access, this course is a good place to complete your preparation, but you will need to complete both courses in the series to be fully prepared for the exam.

The course assumes you know how to use a computer and that you're familiar with Microsoft Windows. It also assumes that you have completed the preceding Access 2016: Relational Database Design course, or have equivalent knowledge.    

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Access 2016: Relational Database Management

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