Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 (MCSA 70-740)

Chapter 1: Windows Server installation 

Module A: Windows installation and deployment 
Module B: Windows Server configuration 
Module C: Server upgrades and migration 

Chapter 2: Windows images 

Module A: Windows virtualization features 
Module B: Image maintenance 

Chapter 3: Storage management 

Module A: Disk and volume creation 
Module B: Virtualized storage 
Module C: Data management 

Chapter 4: Network storage 

Module A: File shares 
Module B: Network volumes 

Chapter 5: Hyper-V 

Module A: Hyper-V configuration 
Module B: Virtual machines 

Chapter 6: Hyper-V storage and networking 

Module A: Hyper-V storage 
Module B: Hyper-V networking 

Chapter 7: Containers 

Module A: Deploying containers 
Module B: Container management 

Chapter 8: High availability 

Module A: High availability features 
Module B: Failover clusters 
Module C: Network Load Balancing clusters 

Chapter 9: Cluster management 

Module A: Configuring clusters 
Module B: Clustered storage 
Module C: Hyper-V clusters 

Chapter 10: Server maintenance 

Module A: Monitoring tools 
Module B: Updates and backups 

Welcome to Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016: Exam 70-740. This course provides the basic knowledge needed to perform installation, storage, and compute tasks with Microsoft Windows Server 2016; this includes installation and deployment, server storage, Hyper-V, containers, high availability systems, and server maintenance. This course maps to the MCSA 70-740 exam. You can download an objective map for the series from

You will benefit most from this course if you intend to take an MCSA 70-740 exam. 

This course assumes that you have basic knowledge at using and maintaining individual Windows systems. Knowledge equivalent to the CompTIA A+ certification is helpful but not necessary. 

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Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 (MCSA 70-740)

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