IT Fundamentals (maps to CompTIA exam FC0-U61)


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Chapter 1: About computers

Module A: Computing concepts
Module B: Computer types
Module C: Troubleshooting methodology

Chapter 2: Operating systems

Module A: Operating system basics
Module B: Common operating systems
Module C: Navigating the Windows 10 interface

Chapter 3: Computer hardware

Module A: Core components
Module B: Storage devices

Chapter 4: Computer expansion

Module A: Expansion interfaces
Module B: Peripheral installation
Module C: Input and output devices

Chapter 5: File management

Module A: Managing files
Module B: Folders and locations

Chapter 6: Computer administration

Module A: Windows settings
Module B: Personalizing the Windows environment

Chapter 7: Computer maintenance

Module A: Updates and maintenance
Module B: Environment and safety
Module C: Workstation setup

Chapter 8: Security

Module A: Security fundamentals
Module B: Security techniques
Module C: Securing devices and data

Chapter 9: Network fundamentals

Module A: Networking concepts
Module B: Network technologies
Module C: SOHO router features
Module D: Windows network connections

Chapter 10: Applications

Module A: Application genres and features
Module B: Installing applications
Module C: Software development

Chapter 11: Databases

Module A: Understanding general database terms
Module B: Relational databases
Module C: The access interface and objects

Chapter 12: Internet applications

Module A: Web technologies
Module B: Using a web browser
Module C: Virtual and cloud applications

Chapter 13: Mobile devices

Module A: Mobile device features
Module B: Confirguing mobile devices

Our latest IT Fundamentals course provides the basic knowledge needed for digital literacy: this includes the fundamental principles of hardware, software, and networks as well as best practices for using all three. This course maps to the CompTIA IT Fundamentals FC0-U61 Exam. Objective coverage is marked throughout the course. You can download an objective map for the series from the 30 Bird website.

Students will benefit most from this course if they intend to take a CompTIA IT Fundamentals FC0-U61, or if they wish to attain an introduction to the core principals and skills of information technology.

This course assumes students have basic knowledge of using a keyboard and a mouse. It does not assume that you have any formal familiarity with computers or the internet.

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IT Fundamentals (maps to CompTIA exam FC0-U61)

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