IC3 Certification: Global Standard 5 R1.2

Chapter 1: About computers

Module A: Computing concepts
Module B: Computer types
Summary: About computers

Chapter 2: Operating systems

Module A: Operating system basics
Module B: Common operating systems
Module C: Navigating in Windows 7
Summary: Operating systems

Chapter 3: Computer hardware

Module A: Core components
Module B: Storage devices
Module C: Expansion interfaces
Module D: External peripherals
Module E: Mobile device features
Summary: Computer hardware

Chapter 4: File management

Module A: Managing files
Module B: Folders and locations
Module C: Managing drives

Chapter 5: Computer administration

Module A: Windows settings
Module B: Personalizing the Windows environment
Module C: Updates and backups
Module D: Accounts and security

Chapter 6: Network fundamentals

Module A: Networking concepts
Module B: Network technologies
Module C: Network connections
Module D: File sharing

Chapter 7: Troubleshooting

Module A: Troubleshooting methodology
Module B: Troubleshooting hardware and software
Module C: Connection troubleshooting
Summary: Troubleshooting

Chapter 8: Application basics

Module A: App genres and features
Module B: Installing applications
Module C: Using apps
Module D: Manipulating content
Module E: Views and printing

Chapter 9: Word processing

Module A: Text formatting
Module B: Page layout
Module C: Tables in Word
Module D: Comments and reviewing

Chapter 10: Spreadsheets

Module A: Spreadsheet basics
Module B: Data entry
Module C: Manipulating data
Module D: Formatting worksheets
Module E: Tables in Excel
Module F: Charts

Chapter 11: Presentations

Module A: Creating presentations
Module B: Animations and media
Module C: Configuring, rehearsing, and presenting slide shows

Chapter 12: Databases

Module A: Understanding general database terms
Module B: Relational databases
Module C: The Access interface and objects

Chapter 13: Email

Module A: Email basics
Module B: Sending email
Module C: Using contacts
Module D: Managing email

Chapter 14: Calendaring

Module A: Appointments and meetings
Module B: Calendars

Chapter 15: Web browsing

Module A: Web technologies
Module B: Using a web browser
Module C: Effective web browsing
Summary: Web browsing

Chapter 16: Virtualization and cloud computing

Module A: Virtualization
Module B: Cloud computing
Module C: Using cloud apps
Summary: Virtualization and cloud computing

Chapter 17: Online communication

Module A: Communication tools
Module B: Responsible online behavior
Summary: Online communication

Internet Core Competency Certification (IC3) is a global benchmark for basic computer literacy, including operating systems, hardware, software, and networks. The test is administered by Certiport®. Our IC3 courseware covers all of the information students need to pass the test and achieve digital literacy.

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IC3 Certification: Global Standard 5 R1.2

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