Certified Wireless Technician (Exam CWT-101)

Chapter 1: Basics of radio frequency (RF)

Module A: Radio wave characteristics
Module B: RF Behaviors
Module C: RF signal strength

Chapter 2: Wi-Fi antennas and accessories

Module A: Antenna basics
Module B: Wi-Fi antennas and wave patterns
Module C: Antenna specifications and hardware

Chapter 3: Wi-Fi and IoT protocols and channels

Module A: Wi-Fi and IoT standards
Module B: Service sets
Module C: Channels and channel configuration

Chapter 4: Wireless clients

Module A: Common wireless devices
Module B: Client device channels

Chapter 5: Client configuration and management

Module A: Operating systems
Module B: Device configuration

Chapter 6: APs and IoT gateways

Module A: AP features and functions
Module B: Placing and powering APs and IoT gateways
Module C: AP and IoT configuration

Chapter 7: Wireless security

Module A: WLAN security basics
Module B: Configuring AP security
Module C: Client-device security parameters

Chapter 8: Troubleshooting wireless devices

Module A: Troubleshooting
Module B: Troubleshooting tools and techniques

Our CWT-101 course is a complete instructor-led training solution with conceptual material and lab exercises covering all exam objectives. Within the manual you will find instructions for running all the lab exercises in the course.

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Welcome to Certified Wireless Technician: Exam CWT-101. This entry-level certification is offered by Certified Wireless Network Professionals, or CWNP, as part of a vendor-neutral wireless certification program.

According to CWNP, the Certified Wireless Technician (CWT) should be able to install APs based on a design document, configure the AP for initial operations and ensure connectivity, troubleshoot basic problems, and assist users in-person or through remote communications in problem resolution. Perhaps the most important skill is the ability to set up a WLAN client for connectivity, including SSID configuration, security settings, and other client adapter settings.

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Certified Wireless Technician (Exam CWT-101)

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