Leadership: Overcoming Leadership Challenges

Module 1: About leadership challenges

Where do leadership challenges occur?
When are the challenges most noticeable?

Module 2: Challenges arising from the leadership role

Adopting a leadership mindset
Defining the mission and goals
Managing the day-to-day
Setting an example
Tackling motivation
Providing feedback
Creating boundaries and a support system

Module 3: Internal challenges

Challenges from internal characteristics and traits
Overcoming internal challenges
Acknowledging your developmental needs

Module 4: External challenges

An overview of external challenges
People problems
Handling other external challenges

Welcome to 30 Bird's Leadership: Overcoming Leadership Challenges course. Leaders face many challenges that come from a wide range of sources. Some are the result of the leadership role, some come from within ourselves, and others come from external sources. This course will discuss these types of challenges and present some tools for overcoming them.

About the series

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Leadership: Overcoming Leadership Challenges

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