30 Bird Media Provides The Right Courseware For The Top Paying Cloud Certifications

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the industry standard as modern companies begin the migration to popular platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud. Those companies that transition quickest will be in the most advantageous position against their competition. The demand for cloud certified employees is skyrocketing and will continue to do so as […]

Choosing the Right Courseware For Your Classroom

Teaching Courseware

We all know the old saying: “a person is as good as their tools.” Did you know that this applies doubly in the classroom? That’s right, an instructor is only as good as their courseware. Improper courseware can derail the classroom and stall learning outcomes. Even expert instructors need the right materials to teach effectively.  […]

The Business Training Tools Experts Use to Transform Their Courses

Training session

For many of us, training has become a four-letter word. Sometimes, trainees see training sessions as a waste of time. Yet, a good company can’t work without training. It helps get new hires on board and keeps longtime employees updated. A successful training session is the foundation of a successful business. If your training sessions […]

The Advantages of E-Book Training Your Students Will Love

Do your students always forget to bring their textbook to class? Do those same students always remember to bring their phones and computers? Its time to switch from traditional textbooks to e-book learning. Unlike cell phones, e-books aren’t a new gadget that will distract your students. Here’s why e-book training will improve your students’ learning […]