Global Content Distribution

two people working at a laptopThe 30 Bird Media team possesses time-tested expertise in worldwide distribution of physical and digital learning products, so we are ready to extend your reach to every corner of the globe. We have enabled prominent brands to establish and manage strong learning partner networks, overcome logistical challenges, and deliver platinum-level customer service. If it’s marked on the map, our content delivery systems can reach it, and we will follow through with 100% reliable support through the full training cycle.

Here are just a few benefits of partnering with us for your content distribution needs:

Turnkey Solution — With 30 Bird you can harness our manufacturing and content deployment services coupled with our e-commerce management infrastructure to create a unified global ecosystem that enables seamless production, sale, and distribution of your critical training assets.

Financial Risk Reduction — In our role as your distributor, 30 Bird will serve as the official seller of your products. This includes taking responsibility for the purchase transaction itself, managing issues related to payment delays, and reducing the risk of uncollectible debts.

Tax Compliance — We are registered to collect sales tax in the United States, Canada, and other regions throughout the world. This ensures that all transactions, whether involving physical goods or digital products, will be handled in compliance with all applicable tax regulations.

Print on Demand (POD) — Eliminate warehousing and out-of-date content costs by utilizing 30 Bird’s cutting-edge POD solution. We offer the capability to print and ship any quantity to any location, enabling a wide range of distribution and training models.

Content Updates and Customization — Content resilience and agility is in our DNA. With our expertise, you can produce and refresh materials that are not only engaging but also consistently up to date. This guarantees that your target audience will always have access to current insights and information. Whether it’s crafting new learning resources or revising existing content, we’re here to help you maintain a position of relevance and excellence in your industry.

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