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We’ve been in the learning industry for decades: teaching, writing, blending, assessing, prescribing, remediating. That experience translates to learning content that results in increased satisfaction, more productive employees, and energized students.

In our fast-changing technological world, we believe in “living courseware” that’s in step with technology and with the times. 30 Bird courseware can be custom-branded, and lab files, solutions, outlines, objective maps, and PowerPoint presentations are all free.

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Simple, familiar shopping experience. You look for a course, then decide on the edition, the format, and lab and other choices.

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Purchases order? Credit terms? Put the shipping on your own account? With 30 Bird, you can order your way.

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Have to order the same books over and over? No problem. Our instant re-order feature makes it a snap.

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When you call to place an order, you’ll connect directly to our Sales Team, who will speak to you personally to address your specific needs. The whole process is quick and painless. No complex menu system or “salesbot”.

How We Measure Success

The Conference of the Birds

Why we chose the name “30 Bird” for our company

In the twelfth century, the Persian Sufi poet Farid ud-Din Attar wrote the epic poem, “The Conference of the Birds.” In its story, the wise Hoopoe leads the birds of the world on a quest to find their sovereign—the legendary Simorgh—the ancient bird possessing the knowledge of all ages.

Each bird represents a human failing that prevents enlightenment, and the Hoopoe leads them through seven valleys. In the Valley of Quest, they cast aside all dogma, belief, and unbelief. In the Valley of Love, all reason is abandoned for the one truth of love. And so the story goes, through the remaining valleys, until finally the travelers become timeless and selfless. Only 30 birds reach the land of the Simorgh, and all they find is a pool in which they see… themselves. In fact, in Persian, sī murğ means “thirty birds.”

This myth, which continues to resonate around the world after nine centuries, provides a perfect metaphor for what we do at 30 Bird Media: Learning, Discovery, Selflessness, and Teamwork in service of the greater good.

Quality Content at an Affordable Price

Our mission is to enable learning organizations to succeed in their missions. To do that, you have to consider the bottom line. To that end, we provide the best possible pricing and value so that you don’t have to haggle.

Compare our value. You’ll be glad you did!