Gain Leverage in the Field of IT

If you want a professional advantage over your peers and the opportunity for some of the highest salaries in the world of IT, advance your career with three of the latest Cloud certifications. Whether you are just starting out or are committed to career-long learning, a Cloud certification is an excellent way to enhance your […]

Launch Your Career in the Digital World

It’s no secret that in order to establish a career in IT, certification in CompTIA is absolutely essential. To launch a career alongside leading industry players, students in IT must gear their career and future aspirations in keeping step with the most current, up-to-date happenings in the digital world. They dream of a career that […]

Build Your Solution With The Right Azure Courseware

  Azure Fundamentals, Exam AZ-900 With the cloud computing boom of the last decade, some of the biggest names in the industry have thrown their hats into the service provider ring. This includes Amazon, IBM, Google, and Microsoft. The 30 Bird Media team is excited to announce our first courseware entry into this blossoming field: […]

Choosing the Right Courseware For Your Classroom

Teaching Courseware

We all know the old saying: “a person is as good as their tools.” Did you know that this applies doubly in the classroom? That’s right, an instructor is only as good as their courseware. Improper courseware can derail the classroom and stall learning outcomes. Even expert instructors need the right materials to teach effectively.  […]

Online Courseware: Capture Your Students’ Attention

Online Courseware

  What place does online courseware have in the classroom? We think it’s an important and indispensable part of today’s learning process. Of course, it wasn’t always like that. For centuries, classrooms were more or less the same. You had the teacher and the students, textbooks and a blackboard. Whether in the 18th century or 1985, […]