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3 Ways The Right Courseware Can Prepare Your Clients For Success

Cloud based computing is shaping up to be one of the most advanced examples of technology that humanity has created. The impact of cloud computing and cloud based technology can be observed by witnessing the competitive nature of IT services that have been made available to the public in 2021.

These services can lower costs, improve performance, instantly upgrade software across any number of computers, increase data reliability and help users collaborate better. Having these advantages as a business can lead to increased revenue while helping achieve goals faster and more efficiently.

While this topic is as complex as it is important, with the right courseware and teaching strategy any student or employee that wants to put in time and effort can learn the skills necessary to build a career in cloud computing.

Here are 3 ways the right courseware can prepare your clients for success:

Utilize Premium Instructional Materials 

When studying for an information dense subject like the CompTIA Cloud+ Certification, having the right information presented in a competent and digestible way makes educating your students or employees a walk in the park. 

Our courseware on the CompTIA Cloud + Certification is guaranteed to provide the basic knowledge and skills needed to analyze, select, monitor, and protect cloud resources in a vendor-neutral format; this includes:

  • Vulnerability management
  • Network reconnaissance and monitoring
  • Connecting networks to clouds 
  • Cloud migration 
  • Secure policies and procedures
  • Host and network security
  • Identity management systems and
  • Incident response 

Teaching anyone who’s willing to learn

As with any kind of courseware, if the pupil has prior experience or a background in the field they study, they will have an advantage when learning. 

30 Bird’s exceptional products are so easy to pick up, that having a previous certification isn’t always necessary. Our courseware’s construction adheres to standard instructional design practices that were built in tandem with the best subject matter experts in the industry. 

We are constantly seeking out ways to keep our information up to date and relevant.

Balancing Work, Life & Education With Distance Learning Modules

Workers have come to expect so much more than just a paycheck from their job – they want to build their career while growing as individuals and professionals.

Employers that provide this type of environment have a better chance of hiring the right people who are the best at what they do.

After almost a year of adaptation to the limitations the pandemic has imposed, 30 Bird has curated its learning modules to fit the new normal. 

Our team has been working virtually, continuing to deliver new and better learning products that include:

  • Ebooks (now available in PDF format)
  • Test prep
  • Online labs
  • E-learning
  • And more

Even before the pandemic hit, E-learning was changing how employees advance their existing skills and will continue to do so in the future. Workdays can be chaotic, so if employees have the advantage of taking a lesson during some downtime, they can stay productive and focused on their to-do’s.


From cloud computing to professional development, 30 Bird’s broad range of premium courseware can put your students or employees in a position to succeed.

If you’re planning a new course or training, contact us to take the next step and offer quality 30 Bird courses to your students. 

Shop our line of premium courseware here.

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