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Anyone can have a customer, but at 30 Bird, we want partners. We think that’s a good thing for you, but even better for us. Through partnerships, we expand our knowledge, expertise, and resources with the goal, always, of making our products and services better. We do that by actively listening to what you, our customers, tell us.

Our customers are individuals as well as small, midsize, and large organizations; but our partnership with you is the same no matter your size. What makes it work is mutual respect and commitment to both organizations’ success, evolving over time, and with the essential component of continuous effort.  Although we realize that profit is essential in the business world, it’s the people who comprise our partners’ businesses that matter most to us. Our success lies in your success, and the closer we are to you, the better we can serve your needs. We genuinely believe that and do our best to show it in everything we do: product development, sales, customer service, and shared marketing efforts.


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