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New Leadership Courseware from 30 Bird Media

Exciting, New Leadership Development Series

30 Bird Media is thrilled to announce our new line of engaging, relevant, and straight-to-the-point leadership development courses. We structured these courses for professional trainers to lead interactive leadership development workshops. Instructors can help participants develop the behaviors, tools, and soft skills they need to confidently assume a leadership role, create a successful team, manage remote employees, and overcome leadership challenges.

Our Approach

Professional trainers know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for delivering leadership and other soft skills courses. The skills needed often vary depending on the audience. With that in mind, 30 Bird Media created engaging content that instructors can mix and match to create a comprehensive leadership learning path that can help develop the leaders that clients or organizations need.

The 30 Bird leadership courses are applicable for participants who need to develop leadership competencies across all industries and functional areas.

Each half-day course consists of:

  • An Instructor Guide featuring thought-provoking activities and dynamic discussion prompts
  • A PowerPoint slide deck highlighting important points
  • A Student Guide with plenty of space for noting personal observations and discoveries

Together, these training tools empower you to teach concepts effectively in any classroom or workshop setting. Our training series is fun and interactive, so your participants can make real breakthroughs and get excited about leadership.

About the Series

The 30 Bird Media Leadership Development Series currently has four courses that can be mixed and matched to best suit your audience. Are you training people who are new to the leadership role, or leaders who are facing challenges?  Our leadership courses provide the knowledge and tools to lead effectively.

Leadership: Transitioning into a Leadership Role

This course guides new leaders or managers, or aspiring leaders, in understanding what a leadership role entails and how to develop skills and styles to inspire people to follow them.

Modules include:

  • Overview covering leadership roles, responsibilities, and mindset
  • Foundational skills, such as professionalism, credibility, and accountability
  • Structural approaches to planning and organizing
  • Leadership styles

Leadership: Developing Effective Teams

This course is for individuals and organizations who are interested in improving how they lead and manage teams to enhance productivity and deliver results.

Modules include:

  • Introduction to teams
  • Team diversity
  • Team development
  • Developing team expectations
  • Overcoming team dysfunctions

Leadership: Managing Remote Teams

Due to recent events, the ability to manage a remote or virtual team has become an essential skill for leaders and managers. This course introduces concepts, techniques, and best practices to help your participants learn how to manage remote individual employees or teams effectively.

Modules include:

  • Challenges of leading remote employees
  • Diversity in remote teams
  • Communication challenges
  • Managing performance from a distance

Leadership: Overcoming Leadership Challenges

Leaders often face challenges in the workplace. This course helps participants identify and overcome a variety of leadership challenges.

Modules include:

  • About leadership challenges
  • Challenges arising from the leadership role
  • Internal challenges
  • External challenges

As always, you can get more information on these and other soft skill courses at or by contacting our Customer Service department.

Linda K Long
Instructional Designer
30 Bird Media

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