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New in ShortTracks: Zoom Host & Zoom Attendee

All Quick References Now Available Digitally

We’re all being thrown into unfamiliar situations these days. Coronavirus has made American workers radically change the way they work and do business. With life moving forward, there’s not a lot of time to learn essential new skills.

In response, we’ve worked hard to digitize our ShortTracks and Quick Reference Cards. These just-in-time reference products will get you up to speed quickly on the software you need and help you adjust quickly to the virtual workplace.

We have brand new ShortTracks covering Zoom meetings, one from the attendee point of view, and one for hosts. If you’ve felt like you weren’t getting the most out of your Zoom sessions, these will help. We’re working on cards covering other meeting platforms, and have a new card coming up on Microsoft Access 2019.

ShortTracks and Quick Reference Cards allow users with any level of experience to use unfamiliar computer programs instantly, and to get more out of those programs. All the information you will need is laid out clearly and simply in only a few pages, with plenty of graphics to make it easy to get productive fast. Using our reference cards will allow you to use new software right away with no additional training.

We are all doing our best to adjust to working from home, but it can be hard. Get a little help from 30 Bird Media with our ShortTracks and Quick Reference Cards.

Now Digital!

Our ShortTrack guides have been helping people learn new computer programs for years. Now, they’ve gone digital! You can access the guide you want online or download it in an app. Whether you want a ShortTracks or a Quick Reference Card, you’ll get the learning started right away.

With eight pages of comprehensive content, our ShortTracks are perfect for learning by doing. Our shorter four-page Quick Reference Cards are an amazing resource for when you need a convenient reminder of the most important skills. Both get new users productive with unfamiliar software in no time.

Whether you need to learn a brand new program or simply need a refresher, our guides are perfect. They’re affordable and now, in digital form, they’re more accessible than ever. Grab some today at It’s a great way to support your employees, students, or loved ones as they adapt to the rapidly changing world.

New Zoom Guides

With the entire country on lockdown, Zoom has instantly become the hottest app in the world. Everything from high-level board meetings to Kindergarten classes are taking place on Zoom. The app allows you to video conference with other users, share screens, and interact in myriad ways.

All of this means that you need to learn how to use Zoom, and quick. We’re here to help. Our two Zoom ShortTracks walk you through every aspect of using Zoom:

  • Zoom Host—This full-color, 8-page ShortTrack provides the skills needed to be able to navigate and use Zoom as a host or presenter. It provides easy-to-follow instructions and is perfect for remote office meeting presenters, virtual classroom instructors, and home users. You’ll learn how to schedule meetings, configure security, manage participants, share screens and files, and utilize chat, polls, and breakout rooms.
  • Zoom Attendee—This full-color, 8-page ShortTrack provides the skills needed to be able to navigate and use Zoom as an attendee or student. It’s perfect for remote office workers, virtual classroom students, and home users. You’ll learn how to register for and join meetings, interact with the host and other presenters, share your screen and files, and participate in chat, polls, and breakout rooms.

Even if you’re a complete newcomer to Zoom, with our handy, downloadable ShortTracks, you can master the program today!

Access 2019

Microsoft Access 2019 allows you to create, edit, and customize databases. With the 2019 edition, you can set up tables, run queries, make reports, connect to other sources of data, and create entire applications. Access is incredibly powerful, but can be daunting at first, and difficult to master. With the help of our Access 2019 ShortTrack, you can be productive in no time.

This and other at-a-glance instructional materials are available at Visit to download our productivity guides today.

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