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Become a Certified Hardware Technician with 30 Bird and Mile2

Mile2 Certifications are some of today’s most sought-after IT credentials. With 30 Bird’s instructional materials you can teach yourself, your students, or your employees the skills it takes to earn one.

The newest addition to our line of Mile2 Certification Study Guides is for qualification as a CHT–Certified Hardware Technician. This position is crucial to the effective functioning of any office or organization, as the CHT is the individual responsible for installing and maintaining all of the machines and hardware that keep an IT system in good working order.

With our guide to the Mile2 CHT certification, it’s possible for any tech professional to achieve success in this field. From the basics to the advanced aspects of the job, you will learn it all. Once you pass your certification exam, a whole world of new employment opportunities will appear before you.

What does a Certified Hardware Technician do?

Within the world of IT, there are a vast number of various subdivisions of people who carry out different IT tasks. These specialists are expected to have both a broad knowledge of IT as well as a specific understanding of how their individual field works. For a CHT, this means a heightened focus on hardware installation and maintenance.

The equipment that CHTs are responsible for include desktop computers, laptops, servers, and computer clusters. Because these pieces of hardware are used by others, an important part of the job of a CHT is the ability to address issues that come up on the user side of the office hardware.

Not only does CHT install and maintain the hardware in an organization, but they are also responsible for making sure their colleagues are able to effectively utilize it in the course of doing their jobs. This means that keeping hardware up-to-date becomes a key part of an organization running smoothly.

In addition to dealing with user issues and staying up-to-date, CHTs are like every other IT professional in that a huge part of their work involves security. If the hardware used by an organization fails to secure private information, it can spell doom for the business. CHTs must stay current on all the latest threats and protection options.

It sounds like a pretty challenging job, right? It is, which is why employers are willing to pay handsomely for a certified Computer Hardware Tech. Fortunately, 30 Bird study guides give you everything you need to get your own certification, all for an affordable price.

How is 30 Bird’s approach to CHT certification different?


30 Bird takes a modern approach to all of its instructional materials. We are a company that understands the importance of staying abreast of the latest developments in technology. We use our tech edge to digitally enhance our courses.

With online tools like study guides, practice exams, and ebook options, all of our materials are optimized for the modern user. That’s especially important for a course like Mile2: CHT because a digital field like IT calls for digital learning tools. When it comes time to take the certification test, students will already be used to a digital testing format, thanks to our digital study materials.


At 30 Bird, we know that each student is different. No two people learn the exact same way, so shouldn’t study materials be accessible to everyone? We believe that they should. That’s why we emphasize accessibility in all of our learning materials.

No matter what a student’s limitations are, our combination of self-paced study with numerous modes of available instruction means that a Mile2: CHT certificate is within their reach. Contact us today to learn more about our accessibility options and how we can accommodate your students.


The curriculum included in our Mile2: CHT instructional materials is comprehensive, including absolutely all of the information a student will need to succeed on the certification exam. Beginning with the most basic skills and moving on into the most advanced aspects of the profession, you will learn the whole gamut of information covered by the exam.

Our materials are all regularly updated to ensure that your students are receiving the absolute latest in changes in the field. After a 30 Bird course in Mile2 certifications, students completely prepared to pass the test. More importantly, they’re also ready to do their job when the time comes.

Coming soon to 30bird. Contact us today for more information about Mile2 CHT certification. We will be happy to help you get started on this exciting career journey.

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