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Feedback and Coaching

Soft-Skill Building: Feedback and Coaching

Not all workplace skills involve technical knowledge. Often, the skills employees need to succeed are interpersonal rather than technological. With our new series of Soft Skills instructional materials, 30 Bird is here to help you develop well-rounded students or employees.

Improve Communication

Giving and receiving feedback in a productive manner is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Sometimes, people are afraid to assert themselves in the workplace for fear of offending others. At other times, people are unable to provide criticism in a way that is appropriately constructive and professional.

This can mean that real, important issues can go unaddressed due to poor communication skills. With our soft-skills course, giving effective feedback is a skill that anyone can master.

Avoid Conflict

When working with others, it is unavoidable that conflict should arise. Many times, these conflicts come from poor communication between employees. When one worker tries to express their needs or opinions about a project to another, it may not come across in a way that seems respectful. This doesn’t necessarily reflect on the actual intentions of the individuals, but often crops up regardless of any good intentions.

Although this is a common problem, it is easy to let it slide because fixing the problem requires employee training that many employers don’t know how to provide. Rather than letting potential office conflict slide, address it head-on with our new soft skills course on feedback and coaching.

Achieve Better Outcomes

When the lines of communication in a workplace are open and productive, the positive effects will ripple throughout the organization. The next step in using positive communication skills to spur growth in your business or institution is to provide employee training in coaching.

That way, the people in your organization with more experience or special skills can pass their wisdom on to others in your business. Growth can come organically from within your business if you empower employees to share their insights.

With instruction in feedback and coaching, you can prepare each member of your institution to communicate more effectively and amicably. Contact us today to learn more or visit our website at We’re here to help you make the most of your team’s talents and skills.

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