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Boost Your Career with Mile2 Certified Network Principles

Are you an IT professional with a special interest in networks? If so, the Mile2 Certified Network Principles might be the right IT certification for you. 30 Bird now offers training materials for this professional exam, which includes everything you or your students will need to pass the exam the first time.

At 30 Bird Media, we specialize in creating instructor-led courses that work in any classroom environment for any student. Our broad mix of accessibility options, online study aids, and comprehensive textbooks are designed to help every student succeed.

Now, with the introduction of Mile2 IT certification courses, we have applied our years of experience to the Certified Network Principles certification test. The CNP is a certification that requires one year of work experience in a related IT field. Once attained, the certification opens up a huge array of career possibilities for network professionals.

What You’ll Learn

  • Networking Basics: Common terminology, standard network models, and network troubleshooting skills.
  • Wireless Networking: Basic wireless network principles, 802.11 standards and features, and Internet of Things technology.
  • Securing Networks: Learn to use central networking systems, how to put network security components in place, and how to strengthen security protocols.
  • Optimize Traffic: Monitor and streamlining traffic processes, fault tolerance, incident response procedures, and disaster recovery.
  • Consumer Internet Connections: Identify consumer internet connection technology and global WAN infrastructure.
  • Cybersecurity Principles: Recognize common threats, learn security controls, and master transport encryption protocols.
  • Security Methodology: Learn to plan, install, maintain, and improve networks, creating secure internet protocols.

As you can see from the above list, every aspect of basic network creation and maintenance is addressed in 30 Bird’s Mile2 CNP course. That means that workers will be ready to get the job they want and immediately perform all of the tasks they need to in order to be effective employees.

If you, your students, or your employees are thinking of getting CNP certified, make sure you have the best possible start with our accessible and comprehensive CNP course. For more information, visit our website today at Let us know if you have any questions—and keep an eye on our ever-growing catalog of acclaimed IT educational materials.

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