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QuickBooks is Going Online!

Being an awesome boss is easier than ever when you use QuickBooks Online. 30 Bird’s QuickBook guides make getting started with the program fast and simple. All of the organizational tools you need to be a great employer are at your fingertips with QuickBooks Online and 30 Bird.

Using our new guide to QuickBooks Online Level 1, you can improve the running of your business. With the online version of QuickBooks, you’re no longer limited to your home or office computer when you need to take care of business. Now, you can manage your work info from any computer at any time.

  • Manage health benefits— A centerpiece of the new release of QuickBooks Online is the introduction of a health benefits manager. Instantly search and compare your options in the online marketplace. Find the best benefits for your employees without the hassle of visiting multiple websites.
  • Improved dashboard— QuickBooks Online’s clear and readable dashboard puts the information you need to efficiently manage your employees all in one place.
  • Connect your accounts— Add your credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal accounts and more to your QuickBooks so you can see exactly what you’re spending and what you need to pay.
  • New invoice templates— The new QuickBooks templates come with a variety of new styles and accessibility options to suit any user’s needs.

At 30 Bird, we have also made a version of ShortTracks series of Quick Reference Cards for QuickBooks Online Level 1. These are so helpful when you need to quickly refresh your memory on any aspect of the program. Instead of flipping through our whole QuickBooks guide, you can find the information or instruction you need at a single glance.

Combine the QuickBooks Online Level 1 product guide with our ShortTrack reference card to make sure you’re always on top of your game. The result will be a business that runs smoother and happier employees. Contact us for more on how you can get caught up with the program today!

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