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Business Writing and Telephone Skills for Technical Professionals

Sometimes, tech expertise comes at the expense of professional development in other areas. Do you want to train well-rounded students or employees? With our soft-skill courses in business writing and telephone skills for technical professionals, you can get your students ready to excel in the workplace.

Telephone Skills Course

It happens too often that IT job candidates have great tech skills but their interpersonal skills are lacking. Unlike professionals in other fields, their interactions with customers can be limited. In addition, a largely digital world means that telephone conversations can be rare in a tech job.

As a technical professional’s career proceeds, the need for them to speak on the phone becomes more common. Teach them to communicate effectively whenever they need to with our telephone skills course.

Business Writing Course

Many people discover as they move up in the business world that they don’t really know how to do business writing. Clear and effective writing is a skill that takes instruction and practice.  Whether it’s emails, memos, letters, documents, reports, or proposals, our business writing course will prepare students to express themselves in a clear and professional manner.

Cutting Edge Classroom Tech

Our instructor-led training courses allow anyone to teach the skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Whether you’re a teacher or a business leader, we provide all of the materials you need to conduct a full training course. With our online, interactive, and customizable options, your classroom materials can be tailored to suit your needs.

If you want to create well-rounded tech professionals at your business or school, make sure they have all of the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Contact us today about how to get started with your in-house professional training today.

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