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Getting Started with CSP Certification

Calling all IT professionals! 30 Bird is happy to announce a new addition coming soon to our range of educational products. The Mile2 Certified Security Principles (CSP) is a federally accredited certification that is taking the IT world by storm. We’re excited to be a part of it with our new instructor-led CSP course.

The CSP exam tests for basic technical competency as well as the ability to effectively oversee internet protocols for companies and organizations. CSP certification demonstrates an individual’s command of cybersecurity knowledge. That can mean great things for an IT career.

Teach Important Skills

The Mile2 CSP certification includes critical IT skills such as:

  • systems security
  • access control
  • network infrastructure
  • assessments and audits
  • cryptography
  • organizational security

With a CSP certification, your students or employees will be prepared for any IT challenge that comes along.

Online Self-Study

With online self-study, students can learn at their own pace. Our state-of-the-art interactive platform allows users to engage with the subject matter in ways that work best for them. Because we know that everyone learns differently, we offer different modes of learning to our customers. Whether students need visual, written, or audio input (or a combination of any of these) to learn best, we provide it.

Classroom Instruction

In addition to the online classroom and digital study options, we offer traditional, instructor-led classroom instruction materials. Our course materials include everything needed to teach your employees or students what they need to know to pass the CSP certification exam, from start to finish.

Online Test

Instead of having to go to a specific location to take the Mile2 CSP exam, students can take it from their personal computer. That means they can control the setting and timing of the big event, maximizing their chances of success.

Course Framework

There are eleven modules that comprise our CSP course:

  • Introduction to IT Security
  • Risk Management
  • Understanding of Cryptography
  • Understanding Identity and Access Management
  • Managing Data Security
  • Managing Network Security
  • Managing Server/Host Security & Scanning
  • Application Security for Non-Developers
  • Understanding Mobile Device Security (IoT)
  • Managing Day to Day Security
  • Understating Compliance and Auditing

After each of these areas are mastered, students will be able to face any challenges that come along in their IT careers. Building from security basics to more advanced skills, the Mile2 CSP course is comprehensive in its scope.

Its comprehensiveness is what makes the Mile2 CSP such a respected and desirable certification. Get on board by offering your own Mile2 CSP certification course. Find out more today at or by contacting our customer service.

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