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Taking the Lead on Sexual Harassment Prevention

We live in a new age of openness when it comes to dialogue about sexual harassment. Every day, more local, state and federal laws are being passed that require mandatory sexual harassment training for workers. Often, when these rulings come down, they leave employers at a loss for how to actually implement the training.

At 30 Bird, we’ve got your solution. Our instructor-led training courses are perfect for any organization that needs to quickly and efficiently comply with sexual harassment guidelines.

We have applied our years of experience in modern education to perfecting our Sexual Harassment Prevention course, which will be releasing soon. Using our tried-and-true teaching techniques, we make it easy for you to bring your employees up to speed and help them to complete the necessary training on the issue.

Moral Leadership

Sexual harassment training in the workplace is more than just a matter of complying with regulations. You must take responsibility for providing moral leadership for your team on this important issue. With our instructor-led courses, you can lead your employees through the training process, ensuring that they understand that you are committed to providing a friendly, safe, and harassment-free workplace for all.

Easier for Employees

Some businesses are asking their employees to take the initiative for getting their required sexual harassment training. Employees are being directed to random websites or outside classes–if they are given any direction at all. This approach tells employees that their employers don’t really care about sexual harassment training, but view it as a hassle that they want to pass on down the line. This is the wrong message to send on such an important issue. Instead, give them the opportunity to learn together, with your support.

Take Charge Today

Don’t shy away from this important topic or leave it for your employees to deal with on their own. Show that you care about their workplace well-being by setting a strong standard for them to follow. In-house sexual harassment training sends a strong message that you care about employees’ personal needs and professional development.

Contact 30 Bird today for more information about our affordable and effective Sexual Harassment Prevention course. Learn more about our professional development products on our shop site

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