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Updated Microsoft Office Product Guides: The Latest in Access, Word, and Excel

Need help keeping up with the latest updates to Microsoft Office products? With five updated guides to Access 2019 and the introduction of our Excel Online and Word Online instructional materials, 30 Bird has everything you need to keep your students or employees current with the recent changes in these programs.

Here’s what you can expect from the newest offerings in our series of Microsoft Office training cards.

Access 2019

Coming soon, we’re releasing five new Microsoft Access training cards:

– Access 2019 Level 1

– Access 2019 Level 2

– Access 2019 Relational Database Design

– Access 2019 Relational Database Management

-Access 2019 Complete

Our quick reference cards cover all of the big changes Microsoft has made to Access recently. Major updates to the program include improvements in accessibility, new ways to process data, and some important alterations to the user interface.

With a variety of new visualization and data sorting options, this long-awaited Access update covers a lot of ground. Fortunately, so do our training materials. If you use Access in your business or school, these updated 30 Bird product guides are a must-have.

Excel Online

By bringing Excel online, Microsoft has brought its classic program into the Cloud Age. With Excel Online, you can use the complete suite of Excel tools from any device or location. Our Excel Online product guides will help you make the most of the new features the program has to offer.

Word Online

The online edition of Word is an exciting and timely addition to the Microsoft Office Suite. The advantages of an online version of Word are numerous, from constantly updated dictionaries to expanded sharing options. Just as with Excel Online, Word Online allows you to access your favorite Word utilities from any device or location. With our product guide, you can make the switch to Word Online today.

We make staying up to date with software easy. To learn more about our complete line of product guides, including the latest updates to Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word, visit our website at (Links etc)

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