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ITIL certification

What ITIL Can Mean For Your Career

The job market today can be tough. Trying to get a good, steady career in place might seem overwhelming, but there are some ways that you can stand out from the rest of the pack. One way to show employers that you are a good bet is to get a professional certification.

When you work in tech, the ITIL certification is the industry gold standard. What exactly is an ITIL certification and how can it help you? Read on to learn the inside scoop on what ITIL can mean for your career.

Day-One Ready

In the past, on-the-job training was the standard for worker education. From the ancient days of apprenticeships to the omnipresent in-services of the 1990s, employers long believed that molding employees into the ideal worker through hands-on interaction was the best way to build a productive workplace.

These days, for better or for worse, things have changed. In general, employers in today’s job market prefer to hire employees who are ready to start working on their first day at a job. Rather than taking the time and spending the money to do in-house training, hiring now is about figuring out which candidates will require the least amount of preparation.

One way to show potential employers that you are that day-one type of hire is to walk into an interview with a professional certification. It’s a quick and easy way for bosses to identify which applicants are already trained. When they see your certification, you’ll automatically rise to the top of the heap above those who don’t have one.

Gain Comprehensive Knowledge

ITIL teaches information technology from start to finish, from the smallest task to the broadest systems. ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The beauty of the ITIL approach is that it aims to incorporate vast resources and approaches to IT under the umbrella of its framework.

Because every business is unique, they each require their own tailored approaches to IT. What an ITIL-certified professional brings to the table is a comprehensive understanding of how IT systems work and the ability to implement them.

Career Growth

ITIL isn’t only useful for first-time jobseekers. It can improve your future prospects in IT no matter where you are on your career path. ITIL prepares its certificants to create, plan, and maintain IT systems that work for any type of business.

ITIL promotes a project-manager approach to IT. That means it gives you more than just IT knowledge. It also gives you the tools to turn your knowledge into action. If you’ve had your eye on a management role or been hoping for more responsibility at work, taking the ITIL exam is a great way to show that you’re ready to move to the next level professionally.

Prepare for the Future

One of the major advantages of getting an ITIL certification is that it’s sure to improve your career prospects for a long time to come. ITIL’s influence in the IT profession is strong and growing, with no sign of letting up.

ITIL is an approach to information technology that has been around since the 1980s. It was created by the U.K. government to oversee standardized recommendations for IT. Since then, it has become the standard throughout the IT profession. More than 10,000 businesses globally have adopted the ITIL framework, and that number grows every day. (

The company that currently oversees ITIL, AXELOS, updates its standards and materials constantly. Their goal is to bring all of the various elements and approaches to IT into a single, comprehensive program. Because it is oriented around making IT work for businesses and governments alike, constant reinvention is crucial to its ongoing effectiveness.

Universal Business Tools

One of the best aspects of ITIL is that it provides useful organizational tools that are valuable even outside of the IT profession. ITIL takes a comprehensive approach to systems implementation, meaning that it teaches its practitioners to create systems from the ground up. Its operation model includes six steps:

  • Plan
  • Improve
  • Engage
  • Design and transition
  • Obtain/Build
  • Deliver and support

These guidelines, though designed for IT professionals, are applicable to nearly any workplace. If you are presented with the task of setting up workplace operations, the comprehensive ITIL approach will prove valuable. Doing the job that is assigned to you is one thing; the ability to create and implement an entire system is quite another.

Forge Your Own Path

ITIL prepares you to take control of your professional future by teaching you everything you need to know to do whatever IT job you want. From the lowest level service job to the highest positions in the IT hierarchy, ITIL training offers it all.

Look at this handy career path chart to discover all of the options ITIL certification makes possible. Whether you’re trying to get a job as a service desk technician or a Chief Technology Officer, ITIL can prepare you for your future career.


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