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Teaching Courseware

Choosing the Right Courseware For Your Classroom

We all know the old saying: “a person is as good as their tools.” Did you know that this applies doubly in the classroom? That’s right, an instructor is only as good as their courseware.

Improper courseware can derail the classroom and stall learning outcomes. Even expert instructors need the right materials to teach effectively. 

Choosing the wrong courseware can lead to teaching failure. Choosing the right courseware, on the other hand, means providing a tool that guides your student to knowledge. It’s an investment in classroom success.

Teaching with Courseware

Courseware is educational packages designed for instructor and student use. Traditionally, instructors design a course around a textbook. With courseware, instructors work within a predesigned course. They can change the course to fit the needs of their classroom.

With courseware learning, you may get:

  • Instructor materials
  • Student texts
  • Lesson modules to guide your class
  • Supplemental materials like visual aids and labs

Of course, there are many versions of courseware for the same topic. Each version promises to be right for your students. It can be hard to know what courseware you need.

If you are struggling to find the right courseware, don’t worry! With these tips and help from 30 Bird, you’ll have the materials you need to prosper in the classroom. 

Work Within Your Budget

Let’s face it, teaching can be expensive. Maybe the cost of classroom materials gets steep. You might be wondering if you need to spend your entire budget on good courseware.

We tend to think that the most expensive item is the highest quality. Sometimes, we pay top dollar only to find out that the product wasn’t the right fit for their classroom. Don’t make the same mistake with courseware.

Buying courseware is just like buying a car. If you need a daily driver, you wouldn’t buy a race car just because it was the most expensive option. Rather, you’d define what you need, set a budget, and buy the best car within that budget.

At 30 Bird, we’ll work with you so you always get the most for your courseware budget.  We understand if you’re worried about the bottom line. We strive to provide the best product at the best possible pricing. Compare our prices and see the difference!

Set Your Outcomes

In education, the “bottom line” doesn’t just mean the cost of the class. It also means the outcome of the class. 

We gauge the success of a class on how well the students learned the material. If your students don’t learn, the class failed no matter how much you saved on your courseware. That’s why it’s important to set learning outcomes.

A recent study showed that courses based on clear outcomes have a higher rate of success. Learning outcomes set guidelines for success in your class. They also provide an excellent model for your students to follow.

Once you have a clear set of learning outcomes, research the available courseware. When searching for courseware, ask yourself:

  • Does this courseware meet my learning outcomes?
  • Is this courseware the right fit for all my students?
  • Does this courseware help me overcome my past teaching challenges?

Sometimes it’s hard to know if certain courseware meets these guidelines. That’s where 30 Bird can help. Contact our team and let them know your learning outcomes. We’ll help you find the best courseware for your students.

Are you having a hard time setting your learning outcomes? Our team will work with you to set clear guidelines for your course!

Go With the Flow

Every instructor knows that each class is a little different. Even if you are teaching the same material from class to class, you’ll still encounter new challenges. 

Here’s an example:

You might have noticed that every student has a different learning style. Some students learn visually while some enjoy learning in a traditional classroom environment.  If you teach one learning style, the other won’t get as much out of the course.

The right courseware has to be interesting and engaging for all types of students. While researching your options, look for providers who are willing to change their courseware. No two classrooms are the same. No two sets of courseware should be either.

At 30 Bird, we believe in “living courseware.” Our courseware is updated regularly. We change with the times and the latest learning trends.

We’ll work with you to ensure every student learns in your classroom.

Design Around Your Needs

Have you been researching courseware forever and still not found the right fit for your class? 

Maybe you need certain sections of existing courseware omitted. Perhaps you want several classes combined into one.

You don’t have to break the bank by buying several classes to make your own course. Get your class your way by creating custom courseware.

It might be hard to design your own course for the first time. That’s why 30 Bird’s team of experts are available to create the perfect course for your needs.

Don’t waste your budget on materials that don’t fit your class. Go custom with 30 Bird. 

Plan For the Future

It’s always better to start with something rather than nothing. Are you currently teaching with subpar courseware? You can use it as a basis for better courseware in the future.

As educators, we should always take stock in our successes and failures.  If you’ve already selected your courseware for an upcoming class, observe what works and what doesn’t. 

With that information, you can start outlining what the ideal courseware for your class looks like. Find courseware that minimizes your failures while highlighting your successes. 

With each course, it should get easier and easier to find the right courseware. Of course, 30 Bird is here to make sure your needs are met. 

If you have any questions, call us today at (888) 330-9071, e-mail us at, or visit Our team will ensure that your course is a success.


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