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Training session

The Business Training Tools Experts Use to Transform Their Courses

For many of us, training has become a four-letter word. Sometimes, trainees see training sessions as a waste of time.

Yet, a good company can’t work without training. It helps get new hires on board and keeps longtime employees updated. A successful training session is the foundation of a successful business.

If your training sessions have been ineffective, it’s time to rethink how you’re running them. Here’s how expert trainers bring their courses to successful outcomes.


Lead Your Course

The easiest way to inspire your trainees is with your presence alone.  As actress Phyllis Brooks once said, “Teaching is truth mediated by personality.”

Often, companies rely on online training modules. These courses are self-led. Students are forced to guide themselves.

Online training modules are also made for many different training classes. As a result, they do not meet the needs of individual students. 

Trainees that never meet with an instructor never get feedback on their performance. This causes trainees to struggle with the material.

By contrast, instructor-led training means providing an immediate resource to students who may be struggling. Instructors are able to explain difficult concepts to trainees and track their progress. They are also able to tailor the training to fit each class’ needs.

At 30 Bird, all of our courseware is instructor-led. That means we offer all the material needed for you to guide your class to success. 


Adapt to Your Class

Have you noticed that a once-effective training technique is no longer working? That technique might have been good for one training class, but not all training classes.

Training is like owning a car. Sometimes a reliable part stops working. If you leave it broken, the whole car can break down.

Expert trainers are constantly reassessing their classes. They try new teaching methods, keep what works, and get rid of what doesn’t. Just like you need to take your car in for maintenance, you need to work on your class.

30 Bird believes in “living courseware.” We don’t rely on the same training style for every course. Our courseware changes with the times, technology, and needs of each classroom.  


Develop Your Training Style

Teaching a training course doesn’t mean you know it all. Expert trainers constantly work on their own skills. 

Training effectively is a skill, like playing a sport. People who train effectively have these qualities:

  • Impactful presenters
  • Persuasive communicators
  • Quick adaptors
  • Avid learners

Trainers, like athletes, have to practice their skills. When a session ends, you should assess how it went and looks for ways to improve next time.

If you want to improve your skills as a trainer, 30 Bird has your back. We offer many professional development courses

You can develop your speaking skills with our course on presenting with impact. You can become a classroom authority with our course persuasion and influence for positive results.

The strongest teachers are those who learn themselves. Let 30 Bird help you grow as an instructor.


Short Track Training

Do you train in a fast-paced work environment? Often we don’t have time for a full eight-hour training session. Your business might ask you to cut training hours. Yet, they still want you to teach the same amount of material.

30 Bird has created a solution for short training hours. Our Short Track Training cards provide immediate training support. In eight pages, they provide all the information your trainees need.

Even if you do have time for a full session, trainees may still struggle with the material. Often trainees quickly forget what they are taught.  Studies have shown that, within an hour, people forget up to half the information they learn.

Expert trainers often provide handouts to students. These handouts contain all of the most important information covered in the course.

Don’t worry you don’t know how to make a course handout. You can combat trainee forgetfulness with 30 Bird. Our four-page Quick Reference Cards will put important information at your trainees’ fingertips


Update Your Training Materials

Have you had a class with an out of date textbook? Maybe it was a history textbook where the most recent president was Lyndon Johnson. How well did you learn in that class?

In order to effectively train, you must stay current. You don’t want to teach Microsoft Office 2019 using courseware for Office 2017.

Standards for professional certifications are constantly changing. Features on the software your trainees use are updated almost quarterly. It’s important to give your trainees the most up-to-date materials. 

Staying up-to-date also means updating your coursebooks. Expert trainers know that there are numerous advantages to e-book training. These include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Built-in academic help
  • Increased accessibility

Choose classroom materials from a provider who stays current. 30 Bird’s courseware is frequently updated to reflect the newest information. We also offer both traditional textbooks and e-books to fit your trainees’ needs.


Capture Your Younger Trainees’ Attention

You might have noticed that your younger trainees learn differently. They don’t respond well to a traditional classroom setting. Having a lecture in front of a whiteboard seems to bore them.

Young trainees were raised in the digital age. Studies have shown that they are visual learners who respond well to multimedia presentations.

Your teaching style has to compete with the highly visual digital world. Any effective training must include the following:

  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Hands-on exercises and labs
  • Video and visual aids

Don’t know where to start with multimedia presentations? 30 Bird has you covered. Many of our courses include lab files, objective maps, and Powerpoint presentations. Investing in 30 Bird courseware means investing in the future of your company.


The 30 Bird Advantage

We want to help you transform your training course. All of our courseware is instructor-led and fully customizable. You are even able to include your company’s branding on our courseware.

We pride ourselves in helping trainers reach their learning outcomes.

If you have any questions, call us today at (888) 330-9071, e-mail us at, or visit Let’s build the future of your company together.

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