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benefits of ic3 certification

Benefits of an IC3 Certification

There are a number of different certification tests out there for professionals looking to get ahead on the job market. It’s not easy to know which one to pursue as you improve your career. 


IC3 certification

might be the best option for you. It demonstrates to employers that you have a basic level of computer literacy, essential in today’s hiring environment.

Here’s an overview of what the IC3 is and what it can do for you.

What is IC3?

The IC3 is short for Internet Computing Core Certification. It is a test that shows that you have a command of computers and can use them effectively. It’s a basic, universal benchmark for digital literacy.

Why Do You Need IC3 Certification?

In today’s workplace, computers are a part of every aspect of daily life. From communications to sales to daily bookkeeping tasks, being able to use a computer is essential to being a capable employee.

When an employer has a choice between a candidate with an IC3 certification and one without, they will likely choose the certified candidate. They know that with the certified applicant, they are guaranteed someone who can perform in today’s workplace environment.  

It’s not just about knowing how to work common programs. It’s also about having the knowledge that will allow you and your workplace to move forward when something goes wrong. Knowing how to fix problems, find help, and troubleshoot will make you extra useful around the office—something employers bet on when they hire employees with an IC3 certification.

Who Should Get IC3 Certified?

It’s not always necessary to get an IC3 Certification. But, for some people, it can really improve the chances of getting a good job. Would it be a good idea for you?

Are you planning to work in an office, academic, or sales environment? If so, digital literacy is crucial. With the IC3 certification, you can be sure you’re ready to do the job.

You see, IC3 certification isn’t just for people who work in IT. It’s for people in any field that uses computers regularly. And these days, that’s nearly all of them.

ic3 certification

Improved Academic Outcomes

Studies have shown that having a professional certification correlates to having a higher G.P.A., higher graduation rates, and improved confidence. Outcomes are improved in all of the areas of life and work affected by digitalization. In short, becoming IC3 certified can have a positive impact beyond just the workplace.

Why Should You Get an IC3 Certification?

The average income of professionals with an IC3 Certification is higher than the minimum wage. The average worker with an IC3 Certification earns $15. You can also make significantly more, depending on your situation and location. 

In addition to helping you raise your income, the IC3 certification can help you get a job. When employers look at potential candidates, they look at the number of qualifications they have. Not only do they want to assess your skills, but they also want to gauge your ambition.

Getting certification in general computing shows employers that they can rely on you to handle the basic functioning of an office environment. It is a signal to those hiring that you are capable, qualified, and looking for more responsibility.

Skills Needed for the IC3 Exam

Basic skills for using a computer will be tested during the exam. It’s not important that you know the specifics of how computers work. However, you will need to have an understanding of how to work with computers. The distinction is that you don’t need to know how to do technical things like installing motherboards, but you should be able to do things like installing an application.

To pass, you need to be able to complete program installations, change system settings, and troubleshoot a number of different computing scenarios. The exam is divided into three sections: Computing Fundamentals, Living Online, and Key Applications. You must pass all three to gain your certification.

How to Prepare for the IC3

30 Bird offers up-to-date learning materials for students preparing to take the IC3 exam. Our instructor-led classes are designed to ensure the highest pass rates. With our help, your students can be prepared for the certification exam as well as the workplace.

Contact us today for more information on the IC3!
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