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Exam Review: A Game Changer for Your Risk Management Course

Teaching risk management can be a challenge, but it’s important to your students that you do a great job. You have to do everything you can to give your students their best chance of succeeding. That’s why you should consider including an exam review in your classroom materials.

The skills learned in risk management courses have real-world implications. Your responsibility as an educator is to improve the chances that when your students move from the classroom to the workplace, they know everything they need to to do risk management well.

For students, risk management certification can mean the difference between a great career and a mediocre one. Major companies consider risk management a preferred certificate. Having risk management certification tells employers that they can count on potential employees to make wise and safe choices for their businesses from day one.

By bringing in an exam review into your course, you can improve the quality of learning and encourage better career outcomes for your student.

Save Time and Money with Exam Reviews

How is it that purchasing exam review materials can actually save time and money? It all comes down to the cost/benefit analysis.

At 30 Bird, we always strive to ensure that we offer the very best values on our course materials. Nonetheless, certification classes can be costly. The last thing students want to do is shell out for additional materials like exam reviews. By including our CAP exam review in our FRM materials, we give students their best chance to succeed.

Moreover, courses take valuable time to complete. With professionals, time really is money. Every minute they spend training means lost income. Besides, making room for a certification class is hard with a busy modern life. We include exam reviews in our materials in order to ensure that students have a seamless learning experience.

Another big expense is the CAP exam itself. It costs hundreds of dollars to take, so students want that to be a one-time cost. In addition to the huge expense, it’s a stressful and difficult experience. Don’t put your students at risk of having to repeat the exam. Give them an exam review to boost their chances of success.

Seeing the Big Picture

Reviews do more than just prepare a student for a test. They help your students synthesize information. That means that they will be able to put together what they’ve learned into a more coherent picture.

When you learn a new skill, the process can be daunting. Absorbing so much information is overwhelming. A  high-quality exam review will help them to organize information intellectually. This will translate into better exam results and, ultimately, better work.

When you use an exam review, certain themes and ideas come together and begin to make more sense. This produces a fuller understanding of risk management in all its various aspects. Your students will carry the benefits through to the certification test and beyond.

Curing the Pre-Test Jitters

One of the biggest problems that confront test-takers is a mental block. Some people can do great in courses and freeze up when it comes to taking the exam. Unfortunately, that can get in the way of students’ success.

At 30 Bird, we believe in preparing students for everything and leaving nothing to chance. Students do best when they know exactly what to expect when it comes to test time. With our review materials, you can be confident that they know what they’re facing.

With our sample questions, students can get used to the type of things they will be asked. We explain how the test is given, answer common questions, and help them to avoid the fear of the unknown. The preparation translates into better results and more confident students.

What We Offer

Our Federal Risk Management Framework (RMF) Implementation 2.0 focuses on the Risk Management Framework prescribed by NIST Standards. This course can also be used to aid in preparation for the ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) exam. This course is current as of January 2019.

You want students who take your risk management certification course to pass the very first time they take their exams. One way to ensure great results is to include exam reviews in your lesson plan. With our RMF package, you get everything you need to prepare your students to succeed right away.

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