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Why Test Prep is Essential for ITIL Certification

ITIL Certification is a sure-fire way to earn more money, get better professional opportunities, and achieve job security. It says to employers that you are a capable, determined individual with expertise in information technology. So, when it comes to preparing to take the ITIL Certification test, it’s vital that you are using the best study materials available.

30 Bird makes the most accessible, helpful, and affordable test prep in the business. With our ITIL certification prep materials, you can pass the first time.

That means you can spend less money and less time studying and end up making more.

Earn More Money

Professionals who pass the ITIL test make more money at their jobs. That’s because ITIL certification tells employers that job candidates have the expertise to do a great job. It also shows them that the applicant or employee has the ambition and drive to improve their performance.

When so much is on the line, it’s essential that you do everything you can to pass the ITIL certification in as little time as possible. You can be on the path to a better income and great future with our expert guidance.

Don’t Just Memorize, LEARN

Come away from the exam knowing you’re prepared for a bright future in the tech field. Our goal is to combine ideas with practice for more thorough learning.

When you enter a workplace, theory quickly becomes reality. That presents a problem if you’re studying the wrong way. Sometimes, we have bad study habits that keep us from doing our best. That’s because many tests we take in school require memorization rather than deep learning.

When you’re just studying for the test, you might have a problem translating the ideas you are learning into practice. Our approach ensures that the knowledge you’re acquiring really sinks in. That makes for better performance on the ITIL test and on the job.

The Problem with Self-Study

With ITIL certification exams, self-study presents a big problem. Studying on your own without any test prep might seem easy enough, but you could be selling yourself short. It’s not that we don’t believe in you—we do! We just know ITIL really well. So why not take advantage of our years of experience and incredible expertise?

Rather than just telling you whether your answer is right or wrong, we help you understand why your answer is right or wrong. That helps you correct the errors in understanding that are causing you to miss questions.

That way, rather than just seeing what you missed, you can address the roots of your mistakes. You can adjust the thinking that led you to the wrong conclusion, bettering your odds of getting it right next time.

We at 30 Bird are focused on better learning. Let our years of expertise make your studying experience easier and more effective. The result will be higher ITIL test scores, as well as better on-the-job performance.

Understand Their Mindset

To do your best on ITIL exams, you need to know how the test-makers think. That’s where we come in.

While it might be tempting to approach the test from solely your own perspective or the perspective of your workplace, our test prep teaches you how to get in the mentality of your examiners. When you understand how the test works and what the testing organization is looking for, it will be easier for you to give it to them.

Our years of experience have given us insight into both perspectives involved—the examiner and the test taker. We have created an approach that combines these two areas of knowledge into the perfect test prep system.

Understanding the Modular Approach

ITIL certification can be hard to understand on your own. One of the most confusing aspects of it is the modular approach. At 30 Bird, we help you know which module is right for you.

What is a modular approach? The modular approach means showing employers that you are qualified to perform specific roles in an organization.

ITIL certification includes different levels of certification that are based on your personal abilities and professional goals. These are divided into five categories.

Foundation Level:

The foundation level of certification tells employers that you have a working understanding of the basic concepts and skills behind IT work. Key concepts include the ITIL service lifecycle and service management practices.

Practitioner Level:

At the practitioner level, test takers should be prepared to show mastery of the application of ITIL concepts to the workplace. That means applying ideas like service lifecycle and service management to specific organizations. Practitioners should be able to put ITIL ideas into practice at their places of work.

Intermediate Level:

This level is all about taking ITIL concepts and applying them to specific jobs within the business world. These qualifications are tailored to the industry you’re working in and your specific role in organizations. These tests are divided into two sections, Service Lifecycle and Service Capability. You can select which modules you want to take or take all of them. The idea is to show employers that you have what it takes to perform in an IT management position.

Expert Level:

The expert level exam demonstrates that you have knowledge of IT practices at all levels, from top to bottom. There should be nothing IT-related that you can’t tackle. That includes both personal performance and training others. At this level, you show employers that you can run an IT department with no problem.

Master Level:

ITIL Masters not only know the practices behind IT, but they also have a deeper understanding of why they use certain principles and techniques. This adds a theoretical level to the functional aspects of IT. Employers can count on ITIL Masters to choose and implement IT methods in the workplace with a thoughtful sense of purpose.


Why waste time taking the ITIL test over and over, hoping you’ll finally pass? Instead, you can increase your odds of passing the very first time you take it.

30 Bird’s ITIL test prep gets you ready for success right away. By focusing on professional development, we ensure that our test prep users gain a deeper understanding of the material than memorization allows for. We place ITIL in a context that truly prepares students to pass their exams and apply the lessons they learn to their careers.

The results are undeniable. Our test prep users know what to expect and they are ready to do their best! Contact us today for more information on how you can achieve better results and raise your ITIL test scores.

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