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The Future of Textbooks is Here

Every classroom is unique, so why should textbooks be one-size-fits-all?

Anyone who has taught a class has confronted the same problem: how to find an affordable textbook that includes all of the materials you need without a bunch of extra stuff you don’t?

For a long time, instructors had to make do with what they could get. They’d find the best of what was around and just skip over the filler. Or use two, three, even four books, jumping around from one to another.

Teachers just got used to just making it work. That’s what teachers do. And until recently, there haven’t been many alternatives.

Today, 30 Bird is revolutionizing the textbook industry by allowing teachers to tailor texts to their classroom needs at an affordable price. Because digital printing allows such flexibility in the printing process, and because our our modern, modular approach to content, customizable textbooks are finally available to everyone.

Welcome to the future.

30 Bird is changing the textbook game forever.

Incredible Printing Possibilities

As print technology has improved, the possibilities for better learning have grown exponentially. That excites us at 30 Bird. We’re dedicated to making the best educational materials accessible and affordable to everyone.

Digitization has changed the printing landscape. Now, when we print textbooks, their content is input by computers. That makes it easier than ever to control what goes into them. Adding, removing, or editing instructional materials is a snap.

By collaborating with our staff of highly professional writers and editors, you can create the perfect instruments of learning for your classroom or workplace.

Advantages of Tailored Content from 30 Bird

No Filler
Before computer technology changed the textbook game, instructors were stuck with using whatever textbooks were available on the mass market. Often, that meant textbooks aimed at serving the largest common denominator–meaning there was little room to address students’ specific needs.

With old-fashioned textbooks, teachers got used to working around the “filler,” or the textbook contents that didn’t apply to their students. That is now a thing of the past. Or, perhaps worse, teachers had to use two, three, or more textbooks.

By adapting content to fit your curriculum, you can be sure that your students learn important information and skills on every page of their textbooks. No filler, and everything you need in one volume.

Organize it Your Way
In the classroom, keeping your class focused and on-target is a struggle. It’s hard enough without having to skip around from section to section in the textbook.

With our innovative approach, you can make sure your textbooks match up with the pace and organization of your class. Approach topics on your own schedule and in the order that you see fit.

Infinite Possibilities
From rearranging existing content to creating entirely new content, we are here to work with you to ensure the best connection between your students and the texts they learn from.

Choose from our existing textbook material or commission customized content from our amazing writing team. Or, you can use a combination of tried-and-true 30 Bird content along with your new, specialized content. We can change, adapt, or edit any instructional materials to suit your needs.

The possibilities are endless.

Affordable Pricing
It’s only in the past few years that customizable textbooks have even been around. However, until now, the high price of such textbooks put them out of reach for all but the largest institutions.

30 Bird has brought the advantages of this printing breakthrough to the average consumer. Whether you’re making a large order or a small one, customized textbooks from 30 Bird are accessible and affordable to everyone.

It’s all part of our dedication to helping the world learn better.

Call us today to talk about how we can make your dream textbook a reality.

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