Office 2019 Updates Your Students Need to Know

Of all the program suites that students use on a regular basis, Microsoft Office is the most fundamental to their success. That’s why keeping them up to date on Office updates is essential. Here, we’ve covered the updates from Office 2019 your students need to know about. 

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What’s New in 2019?

Microsoft has released a new version of the Office suite for 2019. There are some major changes in how the program works as well as in how it is distributed.

Updates include:

  • Return to a one-time purchase model
  • User-friendly updates from Office 365
  • Integration of digital tools
  • Fewer cloud features

A New (Old) Purchase Model

The shift to a subscription based-model for Office 365 has been frustrating for many Office users. Now, Microsoft is returning to the old one-time-purchase system.

With Office 365, users pay a yearly subscription of $99. Office 2019 is a one-time purchase that costs $150, with no recurring fees. Once you buy it, you own it. It’s a much better deal for most people and addresses what is one of the biggest consumer gripes about Office 365.

However, there is a trade-off. Whereas Office 365 gave subscribers access to Office on all their devices, a purchase of Office 2019 only includes the program for one single PC. In addition, Microsoft will update Office 365 constantly, but will only issue periodic updates for Office 2019.

If you were a fan of the subscription-style service, don’t worry–Office 365 will stay on the market alongside Office 2019.

What’s the Deal With the Cloud?

The last major Microsoft Office release was Office 365, which moved the Office Suite substantially into the cloud. Office 365 was focused on an integrated experience across multiple devices.

For most people, though, that wasn’t necessary. While business users appreciated the integration, typical users prefer to have Office as a standalone, PC-based program that can be operated offline as well as online.

Whereas Office 365 updated constantly via the cloud, with new features and security measures being added constantly, Office 2019 will only be issued with periodic updates. The final change is the loss of some of the collaborative features on Office 365.

Major Changes to Each Program

Word Updates

The big headline is the addition of a focus mode. This is designed to allow users to focus better on their work by dimming everything else on the screen. Looks like a great addition!

There’s also a new translation program included in Word. That means you can easily translate into another language as you write.

Other updates include:

  • Updated dictionaries
  • Ability to create mathematical equations in a document using LaTeX
  • Inking allows users to write on documents
  • Improved accessibility options
  • Better graphics tools
  • Text-to-speech
  • More Learning Tools

PowerPoint Updates

PowerPoint has several updates that improve the look and functioning of slide shows. The integration of digital pen tools, a common thread throughout Office 2019, is particularly useful in the PowerPoint application. Users can use a Surface pen or any pen accessory with Bluetooth to wirelessly flip through slides and interact with their presentation.

Other updates include:

  • Smoother animations and transitions
  • Microsoft translator
  • Scalable vector graphics
  • Improved accessibility

Outlook Updates

Outlook is introducing a new, “focused” inbox that is designed to streamline email. It offers improved drafting options and the ability to tag people into emails through their email addresses.

Other updates include:

  • New template options
  • Ability to schedule emails for later
  • Better group usage options

Excel Updates

In addition to including many of the updates we’ve discussed in other programs, Excel has added tools to make doing calculations easier. New functions introduced in Office 2019 are TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, IFS, and more.

Other updates include:

  • Inking using a finger or a pen
  • New charts
  • 2D maps support
  • Better data organization tools
  • Improved ease of access 

Keeping Up With Changes

An easy way to track the changes in Office is to follow the Microsoft Office updates blog. This resource is continually kept up-to-date with details of each update.

In addition, the site lists mitigating factors, workarounds, and FAQs about every update. Checking in on this Google Doc regularly is a good idea if you want to stay ahead of the game.